Top 10 Tokyo Winter Trends!!!

As one of the major fashion cities in the world, Tokyo always create lots of new trends in the fashion world. Moreover, Tokyo is like the other major fashion cities in the world, has four seasons. Therefore, Tokyo is always producing newer and newer trends in each of the season. Now, we’re still in February which mean that Japan (including Tokyo of course) still in the winter season.  Recently, one of the greatest fashion magazines in Japan, Cool Trans, took some snap shot of the Tokyo people on the street and they also categorize what are the this year winter trends. That’s why in this article I’m going to post about what are the top 10 trends in Tokyo this winter based from the ranking that was made by Cool Trans magazine. It’s not the Tokyo people if they were not looked good even in the cold winter time, so let’s take a look on how the Tokyoites look like in this winter!

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Daikanyama – Stylistic, Cozy, and Serene Neighbour of Shibuya

Sarugaku, Daikanyama

During my trip to Tokyo, there are some areas that I really love, such as Shibuya, Harajuku, Ueno, and Daikanyama. I guess for the first three areas, Shibuya, Harajuku, and Ueno, most of you have known exactly about what are the things inside those areas and why those areas are famous, however, I think not a lot of people really have idea about what and where Daikanyama is. As one of the areas that caught my heart, Daikanyama is not as big or as popular as Shibuya or Harajuku, but Daikanyama has their kind of attractive points which are different from what Shibuya and Harajuku have. So, today let’s explore this Shibuya’s stylistic, cozy, and serene neighbour, Daikanyama. Continue reading

Top 7 Most Favourite Spots for the Couples in Tokyo!!! part 2

Hello guys! Today, I’m going to continue my previous post about the top destination spots for the couples in Tokyo! In the last post, I’ve covered 3 of the top destination spot and this time I’m going to finish it off to the number 7. For those who are curious about what kind of spots that usually be filled with couples in Tokyo, I hope that you can get the picture by reading this post! Don’t forget that I also add the example of the best place for each category just like in the last article (like Ueno Zoo, Disney Sea, and Shinjuku Picadilly). Moreover, I hope for the Japanese lovers, maybe this article could inspire you about the Tokyo romantic style that you often see in dorama, manga, or anime. So, off we go! Continue reading

Top 7 Most Favourite Spots for the Couples in Tokyo!!! part 1


For those who love to read manga or watch dorama and anime must have been familiar with the spots for dating in Tokyo. As the metropolitan city, Tokyo offers lots of destinations to do various activities for the couples living in it. With the supports from the manga, anime, and dorama, those things always invent new kind of inspirations for the couples in Tokyo to have new destinations and activities that maybe some of them felt a little weird if it was done in some countries (one of those is Indonesia :p). So for those who always dream to have a romantic date alla the Japanese dorama, anime, and manga, this post will be useful for you to give some pictures of the Tokyo’s kind of romance. Continue reading

Winter Wonderland – the Enchanting Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo!



Hello everyone! How’s your Christmas day? I hope it was great since today, still in the mood for Christmas, I’m going to present you some pictures of the Christmas Illuminations that we can find in Tokyo!  Just as what I said in some previous posts, that the Christmas and year-end time is the best time to go travel around Tokyo! The reason is because there are so many glittering and enchanting Christmas Illuminations in every famous areas in Tokyo, such as Roppongi, Shiodome, Omotesando, etc that are going to transform the bustling, crowded metropolitan Tokyo into an amazing “Winter Wonderland”. So, get ready to see the magical romantic year-end that you can have in Tokyo! Continue reading

Transportation in Tokyo – Travel Easily with Handy Smart Cards Suica and Pasmo


As a city on the cutting edge of technology, Tokyo, offers almost all of activities to be done easier than in some of the other countries. Since Tokyo is one of the busiest city in the world, filled with lots of busy people, some kind of technologies in the transportation’s field is invented to make it easier for the busy Tokyo people to travel quickly. Suica and Pasmo are the best two examples for the technology in the transportation’s field that really could help you to travel quickly and easily as well as saving your time. Let’s take a deeper look about what are exactly Suica and Pasmo. Continue reading

Let’s Travel to Tokyo with Cheap Accommodations !


“Let’s Travel with Cheap Accommodations to Tokyo!”, maybe the first time you guys see the title of this post, some of you will think is it even possible to have cheap accommodations in the most expensive city in the world, which is Tokyo? Since I don’t believe that there is something impossible in this world, then the answer is “Yes”! It is really possible to have cheap accommodations even in the most expensive city like Tokyo. Therefore, for those who are going to travel to Tokyo with limited budget or going for backpacking to Tokyo, you guys don’t have to worry since all of your needs are in this post! Continue reading