Colourful Harajuku – The Ground Zero for the Hang-Outers in Tokyo – part 1 Yoyogi Park

|This post is written by Randy|

Welcome back to Japanesense guys! This time we’re going to one of the trendiest area in Tokyo, it’s one of the most renowned pop culture and fashion spot in the world,  it is Harajuku! I’m sure you are all familiar with this area that always filled by lots of youngsters hanging around day and night. This famous area has its own distinction since this area offer the serenity of the traditional taste of Japan that you could find in the Meiji Shrine, the hilarity of the trendy Takeshita Street, to the luxury; high-class area of Aoyama, all of them located in one big area. It’s also said that Harajuku is leading in pop culture since lots of  new trends have been created in this very area. Now, let’s take a glimpse more about this ground-zero for the hang-outers in Tokyo!!

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Did You Know?: Manga With Tennis Background

|This post is written by Saladine|

History has proven that tennis is one of the most well known sports. Even in the world of Manga, tennis background story turns out to be rather interesting. I’m not talking about the story where the protagonist confesses to a girl who happens to play tennis like Crazy Love Game which the story does not circulate with the tennis concept; I’m talking about a Manga where tennis is the main component in the story development.

You might notice that many Tennis-related Manga have a high school environment in most cases. That’s probably related with the fact that most of the stories are shounen and shoujo, with a cheerful traits and full of energy. It might be cause by the targeted reader, for the reader to be able to understand the characteristic of young boys and girls action. For starter, let me gives you a very short and sharp review of 7 Tennis Manga and my top 2 recommendation of the Tennis Manga.

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