Shibuya “The Core of Youth and Trend in Tokyo” – Final Part-

|This post is written by Randy|

How do you do mate? Welcome back to the fourth part of Shibuya “The Core of Youth and Trend in Tokyo”. This post will be the last part of this serial post about Shibuya, one of the most popular area in Tokyo, where you can find plenty of excitement, hilarity, and boisterousness among the dashing and trendy youngsters hanging around this area all year along.  However, you should worry not, since after this post, there are still lots of upcoming posts about another banging areas or places in Japan that are still waiting to be put into your Japan’s top destination list.

Maybe some of you are wondering why I went to all the trouble of making the posts about Shibuya separated in 4 different posts. Well, the answer is pretty simple, I just love this place! I love this place that much since when I was there, I really felt comfortable just by walking around in this trendy shopping district of the great metropolitan of Tokyo. Particularly, I was really chuffed to bits when I was taking a stroll through the narrow cat streets of Shibuya, which always filled by lots of stores and you wouldn’t have any idea about what would you find in the end of the road. Anyway, let’s go to explore this ever evolving area more to find out the never-ending youth spirits. Let’s roll… Continue reading

Shibuya “The Core of Youth and Trend in Tokyo” -Part 2-

Hello there! Back with me again on the post about Shibuya “The Core of Youth and Trend in Tokyo”! Just want you to know that this post is the continuation from the Shibuya part1. As you know, that Shibuya is one of the area in the big city of Tokyo where you can find lots of cool youngsters hanging around there, especially in the week-end, and lots of other cool stuffs make can’t say you had enough of that! Therefore, because of those things I mentioned before, Shibuya become one of the well-known place in Japan and even in world-wide. Now, enough of the prologue, let’s continue to explore the place where there’s never-ending trends that will never stop to astonish you, it is Shibuya! Continue reading