“Ixion Saga DT Ep.1” A Ridiculous, Chaotic Fun to Watch

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

Title: Ixion Saga DT

Alternative Title: Ixion Saga Dimension Transfer / イクシオン サーガ DT (Japanese)

Type: TV series

Genres: Comedy Action Fantasy Shounen

Running Time: 24 minutes per episode

Current Episode: 1

Total Number of Episodes: 12

Opening Theme: “DT-sha Tele (DT捨テル)” by Ixion Cast

Ending Theme: “Let’s Go ED (レッツゴーED)” by Ixion Cast

Official Website: IXION SAGA DT -イクシオン サーガ DT- (Japanese) / テレビ東京・あにてれ イクシオン サーガ DT (Japanese)

Original Creator: CAPCOM

Animation Production: Brains Base

Age Rating: 15+

Rating: 8.0 / 10

“This is the end! My ultimate technique: World End Ultimatum Spreading Three-bar Charge Attack!”

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“Little Busters Ep.1” A Trifle That Struggles to Become Something Worthwhile

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

Title: Little Buster!

Alternative Title: リトルバスターズ! (Japanese)

Type: TV series

Genres: Romance School life Shounen Drama Comedy

Running Time: 24 minutes per episode

Current Episode: 1

Total Number of Episodes: 12

Opening Theme: “Little Busters!” by Rita

Ending Theme: “Alicemagic” by Rita

Official Website: リトルバスターズ!アニメ化決定!!|Key Official Homepage (Japanese) / リトルバスターズ! | Little Busters! (Japanese)

Original Creator: Visual Art’s/Key

Animation Production: J.C. Staff

Age Rating: 13+

Rating: 6.7 / 10

“And so, in order to prove to myself
that I exist as my own individual,
I decided to play baseball.”
“I was with you for most of that, but…”
“That last line didn’t follow.”

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Hammer Session!: A Teacher With The Art of Manipulation

|This post is written by Saladine|

Title: Hammer Session!

Author: Koganemaru Yamato, Yatsu Hiroyuki

Artist: Tanahashi Namoshiro

Year Published: 2006

Serialized in: Weekly Shonen Magazine

Licensed in English: No

Genre: Comedy Action Romance School Life Shounen Slice of Life

Scanlation Latest Release: Chapter 23

Status in Country of Origin: 11 volumes (Complete)

Age Rating: 15+

Rating: 9,0  / 10

“Is he a criminal who killed many civilians?”

“Or a terrorist who injured many people?”


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Denpa Kyoushi: An Otaku Teacher to Save the Day? Yes He Can!

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

Title: Denpa Kyoushi

Author: Azuma Takeshi

Year Published: 2011

Serialized in: Shounen Sunday (Shogakukan)

Licensed in English: No

Genre: Comedy  Harem  Romance  School Life  Shounen  Slice of Life

Scanlation Latest Release: Chapter 41

Status in Country of Origin: 3 volumes (on-going)

Age Rating: 13+

Rating: 7.9 / 10

“Don’t think that by abiding the rules, you’ll automatically be useful to society.”

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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Astounding, Detailed Rationale of Modern Magic and Badass Male Protagonist

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

Title: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Author: Hayashi Fumino, Satou Tsutomu

Character Design: Kana Ishida

Artist: Kitaumi Tsuna

Category: Manga

Year Published: 2011.

Serialized in: G Fantasy (Square Enix).

Licensed in English: No

Genre: Fantasy Romance School Life Sci-fi Shounen Supernatural

Scanlation Latest Release: Chapter 9

Status in Country of Origin: 3 volumes (on-going).

Age Rating: 15+.

Rating: 8.6 / 10.

“That kid is a [weed], right?”

“He sure is enthusiastic for a reserve.”

“Even though he’s just a spare.”

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Akame ga Kill!: A Darkly Thrilling Rebellion Against Mainstream Shounen Fantasy Manga

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

¦Empire General Esdese as the cover for the fourth volume.¦

Title: Akame ga Kill!

Author: Takahiro

Artist: Tashiro Tetsuya

Category: Manga

Year Published: 2010.

Serialized in: Gangan Joker (Square Enix)

Licensed in English: No

Genre: Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Shounen

Scanlation Latest Release: Chapter 28.

Status in Country of Origin: 5 volumes (on-going).

Age Rating: 17+.

Rating: 9.1 / 10.

“Have you no mercy?!”

“Mercy…? No idea what that means.”

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Discover Yakuza in Japanese Pop Culture

I bet you guys all have already known about the yakuza. Yes, it is! Yakuza is the term to call the members of organized crime syndicates in Japan. Just like the other big crime syndicates in this world like Triad, Italian mafioso, and the Russian mafia, yakuza is one of the biggest and most popular crime syndicate in the world. Thanks to the anime, manga, and the Japanese video games that often insert yakuza in their stories, the yakuza name became well known in this world. Because of that, in this article we’re going to cover about the existance of yakuza in the Japanese Pop Culture. Let’s take a look…

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