Let’s Travel to Tokyo with Cheap Accommodations !


“Let’s Travel with Cheap Accommodations to Tokyo!”, maybe the first time you guys see the title of this post, some of you will think is it even possible to have cheap accommodations in the most expensive city in the world, which is Tokyo? Since I don’t believe that there is something impossible in this world, then the answer is “Yes”! It is really possible to have cheap accommodations even in the most expensive city like Tokyo. Therefore, for those who are going to travel to Tokyo with limited budget or going for backpacking to Tokyo, you guys don’t have to worry since all of your needs are in this post! Continue reading

The Blazing Hot and Sexy Shinjuku Robot Restaurant – When Ladies Meet the Robots

|This post is written by Randy|

Japanese who are living in Tokyo is really lucky in this freezing-winter since they have a rather new, unique, and “interesting” restaurant that can make them forget about the pile of snow outside. Moreover, for those who like watching anime or reading manga and ever dreamed about the sexy girls in the robotic anime and manga to be true, here’s your dream come true mate! Beware of the brand new restaurant in the land of 1.001 entertainments Shinjuku, the Robot Restaurant!!! Continue reading