Sword Art Online: A Sensational Full-course of Compelling Adventure, Solid Plot, and Heart-rending Drama

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

-Kirito and Asuna posing for the novel’s first cover-

Title: Sword Art Online.

Author: Kawahara Reki.

Category: Light Novel.

Year Published: 2009.

Serialized in: Dengeki Bunko Magazine.

Licensed in English: No.

Genre: Action  Adventure  Fantasy  Mature  Romance Sci-fi  Shounen.

Scanlation Latest Release: Volume 9.

Status in Country of Origin: 10 volumes (on-going).

Demography: Male / Female.

Age Rating: 17+.

Rating: 9.3 / 10.

“….The differences between the real world and the virtual world… what are


“Just the quantity of information.”

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