Top 7 Most Romantic Places in Tokyo!

Hello guys, how is it going? I hope you are all fine since today I’m going to cover about the romantic places in Tokyo. One of the most essential things that the lover seek is a romantic place to spend their time, isn’t it? In my opinion, Tokyo is one of the cities in this world that has the most romantic places. Though the style of the romantic is quite different with what will you get in other cities like Paris, Tokyo has its own characteristic of romance. From a romantic park to a romantic restaurant in a high building, Tokyo has it all. Not to mention the magnificent views surrounding the area and the great atmosphere in those places, certainly those are something that you can only find  in no other city but Tokyo! Now, let’s see what are those romantic places that Tokyo has to offer.. Continue reading


Colourful Harajuku – The Ground Zero for the Hang-Outers in Tokyo – part 4 Shoppers Paradise

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Hello Guys! Welcome back to the Colourful Harajuku series – The Ground Zero for the Hang-Outers in Tokyo- the 4th part. Today I’m going to tell you about my little experience as a shopaholic when I was in the downtown of Harajuku, where all your favourite stores lined up waiting for you to come inside. Harajuku that is famous because of this is the fashion district of Tokyo didn’t get that fame for nothing since in here you can have almost every clothes you’ve ever imagined to have, from the street wear to the high-end brands. So now, let’s go straight to the shopping ground!

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Colourful Harajuku – The Ground Zero for the Hang-Outers in Tokyo – part 3 Takeshita Doori

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Hello fellas! I’m back with the new Colourful Harajuku – The Ground Zero for the Hang-Outers in Tokyo – part three. This is the newest post of this series and this time we’re going to the very heart of Harajuku, which is Takeshita Doori! Before we start, I’d like to deliver my biggest apology for all the readers of Japanesense because on the last Friday and Monday I didn’t post any article at all. I was occupied with the college things, there was a final exam for one of my subjects, however, here I am now back with my newest article! Anyway, most of you must have ever heard or seen this place before, since it’s pretty famous, but let’s explore this place one more time with me since this place; just like the other places in Tokyo; is always a changing. There are always new things here and there and that what make this place become a merry and exciting place to come by. Continue reading

Colourful Harajuku – The Ground Zero for the Hang-Outers in Tokyo – part 1 Yoyogi Park

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Welcome back to Japanesense guys! This time we’re going to one of the trendiest area in Tokyo, it’s one of the most renowned pop culture and fashion spot in the world,  it is Harajuku! I’m sure you are all familiar with this area that always filled by lots of youngsters hanging around day and night. This famous area has its own distinction since this area offer the serenity of the traditional taste of Japan that you could find in the Meiji Shrine, the hilarity of the trendy Takeshita Street, to the luxury; high-class area of Aoyama, all of them located in one big area. It’s also said that Harajuku is leading in pop culture since lots of  new trends have been created in this very area. Now, let’s take a glimpse more about this ground-zero for the hang-outers in Tokyo!!

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