Yokohama – The Seaside Town as the Precise Embodiment of Pleasantville – Part 1

One of the things that make Japan will never run out of visitors to come is because Japan doesn’t only have Tokyo to offer to the visitors. Though I must agree that Tokyo is the most popular destination in there, beside Osaka and Kyoto, it doesn’t make that Japan only has those three cities to compete with the other country in terms of tourism. If last week I decided to cover Fukuoka, a beautiful city located on Kyushu Island, today I’m going back to the main island, which is Honshu Island, to cover a pleasant city that will make you start to like that city as soon as you arrive there because of the relaxed and the serene atmosphere inside that city. The city that I’m talking about is Yokohama, the seaside city where “harbour of the future” lies inside there. Continue reading

Fukuoka – A Two Face City for a Break from the Busy Cities to the North

I have to agree that most of the beautiful and amazing cities in Japan are located on their largest island, which is Honshu Island, where Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka are located. However, it doesn’t mean that the cities located on smaller islands around Honshu Island are less appealing compared to the cities on the mainland. One of the proofs for my sentence could be found in Fukuoka, which is a city of 1.5 million citizen that was as one of the most liveable city on earth. Great views, relaxing atmosphere, and rich in culture, Fukuoka is the place for those who wants to take a break from the fast-paced cities to the north. Continue reading

Winter Wonderland – the Enchanting Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo!



Hello everyone! How’s your Christmas day? I hope it was great since today, still in the mood for Christmas, I’m going to present you some pictures of the Christmas Illuminations that we can find in Tokyo!  Just as what I said in some previous posts, that the Christmas and year-end time is the best time to go travel around Tokyo! The reason is because there are so many glittering and enchanting Christmas Illuminations in every famous areas in Tokyo, such as Roppongi, Shiodome, Omotesando, etc that are going to transform the bustling, crowded metropolitan Tokyo into an amazing “Winter Wonderland”. So, get ready to see the magical romantic year-end that you can have in Tokyo! Continue reading

Top 7 Most Romantic Places in Tokyo!

Hello guys, how is it going? I hope you are all fine since today I’m going to cover about the romantic places in Tokyo. One of the most essential things that the lover seek is a romantic place to spend their time, isn’t it? In my opinion, Tokyo is one of the cities in this world that has the most romantic places. Though the style of the romantic is quite different with what will you get in other cities like Paris, Tokyo has its own characteristic of romance. From a romantic park to a romantic restaurant in a high building, Tokyo has it all. Not to mention the magnificent views surrounding the area and the great atmosphere in those places, certainly those are something that you can only find  in no other city but Tokyo! Now, let’s see what are those romantic places that Tokyo has to offer.. Continue reading

Sky Town Solamachi – Stairway to the Towering Tokyo Sky Tree – Part 3

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Welcome back people! This is the third part covering about the Sky Town Solamachi. On the recent posts we have explored the stores and restaurants that you could find inside this new-in-town department store. Now, on this post, I would cover more about the entertainment that you could have inside this Solamachi complex, such as watching beautiful fish dancing inside the giant aquarium of Sumida Aquarium, admiring the starry night sky decorated with the sparkling stars in the Tenku Planetarium, or enjoying the view of the Tokyo Sky Tree while eating lunch or dinner from the 30th and 31st floor of Tokyo Solamachi. Okay then, it’s time to go now…!

Continue reading

Sky Town Solamachi – Stairway to the Towering Tokyo Sky Tree – Part 2

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Continuing the last post, about the stairway to the towering Tokyo Sky Tree, Solamachi. On the last post, I’ve covered some of the things we could find inside this foundation of Tokyo Sky Tree. On this post, I’m going to cover about the restaurants inside this department store that are going to let you taste the towering delicacy and of course, about the well-known clothing stores where you could get yourself with lots of up-to-date goods from various designers. Now, enough of chattering, let’s go back to this Sky City.. Continue reading

Sky Town Solamachi – Stairway to the Towering Tokyo Sky Tree – Part 1

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Just as I wrote on the last post, the Tokyo Sky Tree is the most visited tourist destination in Tokyo, even in Japan. This amazing tower ,that become the tallest tower in the world, offer you not only the spectacular view of Metropolitan Tokyo, but there are still lots of things that Tokyo Sky Tree Town has to offer. One of the things that Tokyo Sky Tree Town complex offers is a giant department store, acts as a “gate” to the Sky Tree named Solamachi. Solamachi, however, has its own appeal that attract people not only to come to the Tokyo Sky Tree, since  you could  spend your leisure while waiting to go up to the Sky Tree or just buying all your needs in this place. So now, let’s see what are the things that this foundation of Tokyo Sky Tree has to offer.. Continue reading