Let’s Travel to Tokyo with Cheap Accommodations !


“Let’s Travel with Cheap Accommodations to Tokyo!”, maybe the first time you guys see the title of this post, some of you will think is it even possible to have cheap accommodations in the most expensive city in the world, which is Tokyo? Since I don’t believe that there is something impossible in this world, then the answer is “Yes”! It is really possible to have cheap accommodations even in the most expensive city like Tokyo. Therefore, for those who are going to travel to Tokyo with limited budget or going for backpacking to Tokyo, you guys don’t have to worry since all of your needs are in this post! Continue reading

Yokohama Ramen – Don’t Judge the Book by It’s Cover –

|This post is written by Randy|

Having lots of great and tasty foods is one of the main attractions for lots of tourist to come visiting Tokyo. From the traditional dishes to the modern ones, you could find it all solely in Tokyo. From all of the foods in Tokyo, Ramen is one of the Japanese foods that you could find easily in here and there. Around the neighbourhood where I stayed when I was in Tokyo there is a ramen shop. Though the shop itself is old really small , on the contrary, the portion of ramen that’s served in this shop is a big one! The taste is also big as well!!! This time, I’m introducing Yokohama Ramen!!! Continue reading

Asakusa – The City of Old Edo in the Modern Tokyo –

|This post is written by Randy|

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and a city that has a unique cultural combination, since you could find a trendy and up-to-date side of Japan in the places like Shibuya, Harajuku, or Shinjuku, yet, you could still find yourself in an area that still preserve the traditional taste of Japan. The most famous area in Tokyo where you could find the taste of the traditional Japanese life is in Asakusa. Lots of shrines, the restaurants, the people, and even the neighbourhood, would make yourself feel that you are not in the same dimension with the other jazzy and fabulous areas in Tokyo. Therefore, for those who want to take a little break from the ever-changing Tokyo, going to Asakusa could be one of the solution for you. Continue reading

Hanabi – The Flowers Blooming in the Night Summer Sky

One of the most typical thing in the manga and anime that you have seen must be the summer season scene. It is when the temperature becomes really hot and there are a lot of festival where there are also lots of street vendors selling various drinks and foods like okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and kakigori ( Japanese shaved ice). It is also in this season, when there are lots of fabulous things you can enjoy in the night sky. Such beauty that always reminds you and grows the longing for Summer. Yeah, it is Hanabi! The flowers blooming in the night sky that mark the summer season in Japan.

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