Kasajizou: A New Year’s Tale

Jizou, photo courtesy of a-racoon photo at http://a-racoon.com/

Jizou, photo courtesy of a-racoon photo at http://a-racoon.com/

Before we begin, I should explain what a jizou is. In short, a jizou is a Buddhist statue meant to guard children, especially children who died entirely too young. The proper way to refer to them is Ojizou-sama, and you can see these statues all across Japan, especially at temples and graveyards.

And now, our tale, which begins on a cold winter’s day, and as all Japanese folklore will have it, it begins with an old man and his wife.

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Akemashite Omedetou Happy New Year 2013!!!


New year eve in Tokyo (via the times)

Akemashite Omedetou or Happy New Year 2013!!! It’s been quite a while since the last time we posted an article. Well, sorry about that since in the first week I was still kind of lazy and in the last week I was kind of busy with works. However, worry not since now Japanesense is back again to fill this blog up with the latest news and articles about the Japanese stuffs! Starting from tomorrow, Sultan a.k.a Saladine will post new article again and, just like usual, I will post my newest article on Friday. Once again, we’d like to wish you all of you guys Happy new year 2013! We hope there will be greater things in this year for all of us! See you later guys and be sure to start following Japanesense again! :)

Below here are some of the pictures of Japan’s 2012 year-end..

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Merry Christmas 2012 Everyone!!!

I guess there isn’t a single moment in a year that feels as peaceful as Christmas time. For me, Christmas is not just a celebration day for Christian, but it’s more like a time to share our love to everyone that are important for us, time to give a joy to be exact! Therefore, though still a little bit early, all of the Japanese crews want to wish you guys Merry Christmas 2012! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas this year!!! Below, there’s a little Christmas present for the readers of Japanesense and for all of you who love Japan!

It’s a video of a live concert of Gackt, the song titled 十二月のLove Song or what we know as December’s Love Song. Hope this song from Gackt-san will make your Christmas time even better.

So, one more time, Japanesense crews want to wish you, just like what John Lennon said, have a “Very Merry Christmas” guys!!!

Thanks for ALUCARD1257 who had uploaded the video, awesome video mate!

More for Japanese Fashion!

Recently, lots of Japanese fashion brand has launched their upcoming collection or lookbook for the next spring summer 2013. However, because those were done simultaneously, I think it won’t be enough to be covered in my normal schedule which is two posts in a week. Moreover, I can’t keep the info to make it into a post for too long, since it would have become expired. So, I guess starting from now on, If I find it necessary, I will make more than two posts in a week, in order to cover the Japanese fashion while it is still warm and fresh!!!

The Japanese Way of Warning People

|This post is written by Randy|

When I was in Japan, one of thing that took my attention, and probably you guys would be the same, was the Japanese way of warning signs. Different from the other countries, on the Japanese warning signs you wouldn’t see how much you’d be charged if you broke the rules or those kind of pictures that make you confuse about the meaning sometimes. On the other hand, the Japanese who are well-known for their creativity, makes their warning signs with lots of funny pictures on it. The Japanese government really make a full use of the anime or cartoon characters that is one of the most attracting aspects of Japan to be put on the warning signs, so it’d look funny and attracting of course. Moreover, another thing that distinct the Japanese warning signs is the warnings that warn us even for the small, unnoticed things that maybe some of us consider it unimportant and make it looks like really care about us. Therefore, we are going to see now how creative the Japanese people are in making the warning signs.. Continue reading