Various Japanese Stereotype – Part 1

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Stereotype are interesting, it simplified some aspect of people and generalized it. Take example the stereotype of U.S.A, at least I can name 3 most-famous American stereotype. Letsee… 1st, they sue everything in any way they can; 2nd, people there carries gun every time everywhere, and they will use it if they received threats; 3rd, all American girls are bitchy and slutty. Well, thanks to Hollywood, I guess I can understand the 2nd and 3rd stereotype, but what about the 1st? Because of a case where a granny sue the microwave company for not putting a notice “do not dry cat inside”, most people outside U.S.A now think that every people in America like to sue others. So a certain event can revert into the making of stereotype, which mostly negative. But then, what about Japan? What kind of stigma did other nation judged Japan?

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Why is Japan Famous?

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Have you ever wondered why Japanese cartoon, comics, fashion, food and culture are very well known in this world? Is it coincidence? Or are there some scholars who studied in Japan and spread their unique ways?  That’s one of the possibilities, but it’s not enough to make the whole world grows their attention to this country. This spurt begins around 2002, where a certain man wrote an article regarding Japan capability in promoting their “uniqueness” and producing a good result while at it. The article encircled around the government policy in tackling the economic problem through cultural means, where the phrase of “Cool Japan” was introduced. But then again, the kick start was long before that time, where a certain game was firstly arising to the world attentions that influence many youths. Why Japan, as one of the world leading economic superpower, feel the need to boost their economic capability through cultural aspects in 2002? Let’s take a look in a chronological manner.

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Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei: A Satire Comedy That Critiques Your Surrounding in a Random Manner

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Title: Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei

Alternative title: Goodbye, Mr. Despair

Type: TV Series

Genres: Comedy Psychological Slice of Life Absurdism Satire

Running time: 25 minutes per episode

Episode per Season: 12

Total Number of Seasons: 4

Official website: Zetsubou Website(Japanese)

Original Creator:  Kôji Kumeta

Animation Production: SHAFT

Age Rating: 17+

Rating: 9.35 / 10

“Im in despair!”

“This money-grubbing world has left me in despair!”

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Japanese Martial Arts: Students Mental and State of Mind – Part 4

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Certainly when one wish to learn something, there are steps that needs to be followed. Have you ever heard the terms “Empty your Cup”? This term applies when you want to learn something. The idea is, if your head full’s of assumption on what will you learn, you will have a hard time to understand what the teacher tried to explain, and the teacher is having difficulty to convey the right information to you. This kind of practice needs to be corrected, one-way or another. In Japanese Martial Arts, there are several philosophical concepts the students need to follow in order to walk the path of understanding. What I will discuss today is the right State of Mind that needs to be followed.

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Japanese Martial Arts: Most well known is from Gendai Budo! – Part 3

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brick hand crush

They say new is always better. Is it? Aside from Gendai budō is created after the Meiji Restoration in 1868, there is not much difference shown between Koryū and Gendai budō. As a matter of fact, the Japanese modern martial arts is pretty much developed from Koryū, although the uses of the martial arts are very different. You might notice that there are an increase of unarmed martial arts in Gendai budō. That’s because the aim of modern martial arts is a study of life principles, for example as a means to refine one’s approach to conflict or danger. To study the philosophy of defense rather than attacking, is easier being incorporate in unarmed martial arts.

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Japanese Martial Arts: Koryū style is old style! – Part 2

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Last time, I have deliberated the concept of 2 schools and understanding Here, right? Now, I want to focus an explanation on all Koryū martial arts with a little picture as an extra. If you ever wonder why most Koryū martial arts developed are weapon oriented, it’s because Koryū was known for a martial arts that develop to be used in times of war. Well, it’s easier to understand if you take a look below


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Japanese Martial Arts: 2 Schools and Understanding – Part 1

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What is martial arts? A way to fight people? Perhaps in the general idea, that would be the case. In Japan, martial arts takes a whole new level of perception. Not only they intend to create balance between mind and body, they also incorporate norms and value at each steps. Most fascinating, when you see how each practitioner at Japan respect each other and have their little ritual. Now I can blabber all I want, but that’s not how prologue should be write (Ha!). Instead, let’s take a look below!

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