Daikanyama – Stylistic, Cozy, and Serene Neighbour of Shibuya

Sarugaku, Daikanyama

During my trip to Tokyo, there are some areas that I really love, such as Shibuya, Harajuku, Ueno, and Daikanyama. I guess for the first three areas, Shibuya, Harajuku, and Ueno, most of you have known exactly about what are the things inside those areas and why those areas are famous, however, I think not a lot of people really have idea about what and where Daikanyama is. As one of the areas that caught my heart, Daikanyama is not as big or as popular as Shibuya or Harajuku, but Daikanyama has their kind of attractive points which are different from what Shibuya and Harajuku have. So, today let’s explore this Shibuya’s stylistic, cozy, and serene neighbour, Daikanyama.

Daikanyama Station

Daikanyamacho or simply known as Daikanyama is an area located inside the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, Japan. To access is really easy, you can take a 10 minutes walk from Shibuya or by taking train from Shibuya station, only 1 station away from there. Unlike the bustling Shibuya where there are always lots of people going here and there in every minutes and filled by lots of tall buildings, Daikanyama is a more nature friendly area since there are lots of greens that make this area cozy and there aren’t too many tall buildings or people just like you can find in Shibuya. That is also the reason why Daikanyama area has a more relaxing and serenity atmosphere.


On the main street


The neighbourhood that is really quiet compared with Shibuya makes it is really enjoyable to talk a walk around the area




One of the artistic building in Daikanyama

Daikanyama is also famous as the home to plenty of first-rate cafes and restaurants. In this area you can find lots of sidewalk restaurants and cafes that give a classic and stylistic touch to this neighbourhood. Since the atmosphere of this area is so relaxed and peaceful, that makes staying in a sidewalk restaurant or cafe like that become enjoyable. In Daikanyama, you can also find lots of small unique and vintage cafes on the cat streets that will give you a new hang out experience.

Le Cordon Blue

Italian restaurant “EATALY’ at Laveria

Mexican Restaurant “La Casita”

Small restaurants


A tiny coffee shop

Cantik Restaurant that serves South East Asian cuisine, range from Thai, Vietnamese, and of course Indonesian foods


Hachienda del Cielo, a modern Mexican restaurant and one of the best yet affordable restaurants in Daikanyama


The restaurant is located on the roof-top


The view of Daikanyama neighbourhood can be clearly seen from here

On a narrow street in Daikanyama there also a place named Sarugaku. It’s a commercial complex designed by Akihisa Hirata that is occupied by some cafes and stores.




Is that all of the things Daikanyama has to offer? Of course not. This seemingly quite area in fact is another hot spot shopping for locals! There are lots of luxury local and international boutiques that open up the stores inside this area. Nowadays, the stores in this area range from Jean Paul Gaultier, Paul Smith, Vivienne Tam, Martin Margiela, and many more, quite amazing for a small area like Daikanyama to gain such attentions from the international designers. Another thing that make Daikanyama become one of the hot spot shopping in Tokyo is because the stores that fill this area are uniquely designed, from luxury boutique to the cute tiny shop, all of them are spread around the main street to the narrow streets of Daikanyama. The quiet and cozy neighbourhood of Daikanyama makes window shopping become really fun and you can easily forgot about time.

A cute small clothing store

UES store that has the specialty in denim clothes

Beams Kodomo or Beams kids that sell the clothes for kids

Paul Smith store located in a green complex

A traditional clothing store “OKURA” that sells Japanese traditional clothing

Frapbois, Paul Smith Jeans, and R.Newbold stores


One of the stores that has a unique design, Ricochica


World famous Onitsuka Tiger


Alfredo Bannister

A.P.C. Daikanyama

When you’re talking a walk around this area, you will notice that one of the landmarks in this area is a green big flower sculpture that is located in front of one of the area’s biggest shopping complex, which is Daikanyama Address. Aside from that, Daikanyama also has Hillside Terrace complex which is another interesting place that you can find in this area. Designed by Fumihiko Maki who is also the architect of the Spiral Building near Omotesando. Hillside Terrace is a complex that offer some elegant cafes, shops, stores, and a design library for those who look for some rare art books.

Daikanyama Address

Hillside Terrace

In the Daikanyama area, there is also a new place called Daikanyama T-site that was opened in December 2011. Though is it not a large place, there are some of the stores in this park that are interesting. There is pet salon in this area where we can see how they give the treatment to the animals from outside through the window, really cute. There is also a dog garden inside this place where you can set free your dog to play inside. One of the best things that you can find in this Daikanyama T-site is there is a pretty cool Tsutaya book store where you can spend your time to read some book, magazine, or you can even have some Starbuck’s coffees since there is also a Starbucks coffee inside the Tsutaya.



A pop store inside T-site


A dog garden







Lots of people riding their bike to here

Though this area is not as popular or as big as Shibuya, this area definitely has its own attracting points, which areas like Shibuya or Shinjuku doesn’t have. For me, Daikanyama is more like an area where I’d like to live, since I don’t think I’d really want to live in the middle of bustling areas like Shibuya or Harajuku. The elegant and quiet atmosphere that Daikanyama has to offer is something that is really precious in the middle of the crowded metropolitan city Tokyo. Since Daikanyama is not a business area, there isn’t too many people who go through this area so I guess for those who wish to work in Tokyo, in my opinion, Daikanyama is one of the best areas that you can get for those who look for a sweet escape after a day of hard work in the city.

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