Top 7 Most Favourite Spots for the Couples in Tokyo!!! part 2

Hello guys! Today, I’m going to continue my previous post about the top destination spots for the couples in Tokyo! In the last post, I’ve covered 3 of the top destination spot and this time I’m going to finish it off to the number 7. For those who are curious about what kind of spots that usually be filled with couples in Tokyo, I hope that you can get the picture by reading this post! Don’t forget that I also add the example of the best place for each category just like in the last article (like Ueno Zoo, Disney Sea, and Shinjuku Picadilly). Moreover, I hope for the Japanese lovers, maybe this article could inspire you about the Tokyo romantic style that you often see in dorama, manga, or anime. So, off we go!

4. Karaoke Booth


Going to a karaoke booth with your lover is also one of the options for the couples in Tokyo to spend some time together. Karaoke is very popular, not only in Tokyo but in the whole Japan, especially among the youngsters or the high schoolers. With the high popularity of the Japanese music (from the pop music, anime or dorama soundtrack, etc) and the Western music, of course it would become a strong attraction for the youngsters to spend their time singing in the karaoke booth. Not to mention that the distance between each apartments or houses to their neighbour that are really close, so they can’t even sing to their heart’s content except in the karaoke booth! However, on the top of that, singing your favourite songs together with your lover in the karaoke booth is one of the major activities in for the couples in Tokyo.

One of the most famous karaoke booth in Tokyo is karaoke-kan! Karaoke-kan is a chain karaoke booth, so you won’t ever find any difficulty in finding this place since there are so many karaoke-kan around Tokyo!

For those who have watched “Lost in Translation”, you must remember this scene right? Yeah, Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson were singing in Shibuya karaoke-kan in that movie!

On the other hand, for the couples who seek for more exclusive and upmarket experience karaoke can go to Lovenet in Roppongi. One of the unique things in this karaoke place is you can sing your favourite song while soak your body inside the hot tub! Quite an experience huh?

Karaoke bars in Tokyo

Don’t worry about the mics since those are water-proof ones

Aside from that hot tub karaoke booth, Lovenet still has many kind of unique rooms to offer, like Heaven; a room with crystals underneath a glass floor and brilliant white decor reminiscent of the Milk Bar in Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange, Attic; a room with an elevated platform from which to take photos, or Monaco;  a room where the decor and stage resemble a set from a David Lynch movie. Cool isn’t it? Well, that’s just one of the wonders that lovers can find in Tokyo.

Karaoke bars in Tokyo

A room with loft and slide, looks more like a playground to me..


Candy Suite room, welcome to the land of candy – candy mate!

Sorry if I upset you guys, however,you should be careful since having this kind of karaoke experience doesn’t come cheap. It’s about £220 for an hour of karaoke in the bath, or £350 for you and 40 friends to recreate your favourite Lynchian moment. So make sure your wallet full before you step into this place.

5. Park


Have you ever dreamed of being in the Japanese park, sitting under a blooming sakura tree with your lover? I guess that is the image of romantic that has been created by the Japanese dorama, anime, and manga, and it is indeed romantic. It’s obvious that because of those beauty, the parks in Tokyo are as charming as always for couples, especially in the spring season when the sakura tree is blooming. However, the beauty of the Japanese parks can be seen not only in the sakura season only, since every season in Japan has their own beauty that reflected by these parks. A lot of Tokyo people always come to the parks since the parks offer a relaxing atmosphere that you calm down your tired souls after having some activities in the middle of the bustling city of Tokyo, though the most of the parks in Tokyo are also located in the heart of the city. And because of the location of the parks where lots of people can go there easily, parks always be used as a meeting point , a place to have some bentos, or just as place for you to relax your feet while having some conversation with your partner.

Again, we’re back to Ueno since I can’t think of a more famous park beside Ueno Park (Ueno Koen) in Tokyo.


Located near the Ueno station, this park is one of the oldest park in Tokyo. The relaxing atmosphere that you can feel in this park is because this park is filled with lots of trees. Ueno Park is surrounded by lots of tourist spots like Tokyo National Museum, Shitamachi Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Ueno Royal Museum, Ueno Zoo, and many more interesting place. So, it’s pretty easy to lose yourself in this park. During the sakura season, there always lots of people who spend their time to watch the sakura tree that are blooming (hanami) while having lunch with their lover, family, or friends. In recent times the park and its attractions have drawn over ten million visitors a year, making it Japan’s most popular city park.




Ueno Park in sakura season

6. Aquarium

Another place that is also captivating for the lovers in Tokyo is aquarium! Though most of the visitors of the aquarium are families and the kids, there are still a lot of couples who always come to the aquarium as well. Watching thousands of fish dancing inside the gigantic glass of water is always fun. Moreover, each of the aquariums in Tokyo has their own special show as well that would invite both of you to laugh.

One of the aquarium that always gains many visitors in Tokyo is the Sunshine aquarium that is located on the 10th floor of the Sunshine City.


The Sunshine aquarium exhibits creatures from seas, oceans, and tropical forest around the world, including sting rays, sunfish, frogs, snakes, penguins, seals, and otters. One thing that is different with the other aquarium is that this Sunshine aquarium is not only an indoor aquarium, but there is also an outdoor area where there is outdoor aquarium for seals and where the special performance is being held. The special performance is also funny, usually the stars of the shows are seals and some kind of birds, like eagle, and if you are lucky you can also participate in the show as well! Not to forget there is also a cafe as well for those who want to have some snacks while watching the the seals swimming around in the outdoor aquarium.



The outdoor area of the aquarium

The outdoor area of the aquarium

7. Observation Deck

Great landscape plays a significant role in order to increase your mood and your lover as well. So, no wonder why there are lots of couples in Tokyo who spend their time watching the beauty of the city from the observation decks that spread all over the city. Let’s say, there are Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Sun Shine 60, and many more, and all of them serve some magnificent looks of Tokyo. Since I’ve already covered Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, and the Sun Shine 60 in my previous posts, now it’s time to cover another observation deck that serves you another superb view of Tokyo, and that place is located inside the Roppongi Hill!

The name of this observatory deck is Tokyo City View. Located on the top floor of Mori building, Tokyo City view serves you the view of Tokyo from gigantic glass walls that extend all the way around the building. From the Tokyo City View, you can also see Tokyo Tower clearly since Tokyo Tower is located near the Roppongi Hills. For those who still wanna see Tokyo from a higher ground, Tokyo City View still has something to offer, which is Tokyo City View Sky Deck which gives you the view of Tokyo City from outdoor.

At the Sky Deck, there won’t be any glass walls just like in the observatory deck downstairs. From here, you can enjoy the real beauty of Tokyo, and of course it would be greater to enjoy it with your lover than alone.

Well, that’s all guys, the top seven dating spots for the couples in Tokyo. I hope for those who loves the Japanese stuffs or for those who are going to go to Tokyo soon, this article could inspire you to make you date more unique or wonderful. Finally, just wanna say it one more time that though Tokyo is known as the super busy city filled with plenty of super busy workers, deep inside, Tokyo is still an amazing city and one of its kind for the couples..

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