Schedule Change and Writers Wanted!


Osanbashi Pier Yokohama

Hello all of the readers of Japanesense. Thanks for always reading our post for the last half year since this blog was made. This time, we’d like to inform you that, unfortunately, we will decrease the number of our posts in a week. Originally, we were to publish four articles in a week, however, recently our life are just getting busy so we have to decrease the number of articles that are to be published in a week from four articles to two articles in a week.

We are deeply sorry since I’m in my last semester in my university and I need more time to make the final thesis, on the other hand Sultan a.k.a Saladine is working part-time job now everyday except Sunday. Hence, we are very sorry to inform you that Japanesense have to reduce the number of our new posts but we’re still going to put our best to publish new articles about our lovely country Japan for you guys!!

Anyway, we also would like to inform you guys that we are open for anybody who have any interest in our blog to become one of the writers of Japanesense!!! For those who have the same Japanese spirit like us, we are very open for you guys to join Japanesense to share your considerable passion of Japan in this blog!!! However, we are very sorry that we can’t give you anything like payment or etc, since we are also working on this blog just because our undisputed interest in Japan!! Therefore, for those who are interested to join us, you can contact us by sending a message to the Japanesense facebook page. Thanks mate!

Uniform Experiment Spring / Summer 2013 Lookbook

Born from the same designer but with a slightly different concept, Uniform Experiment, which is a more refined line than SOPHNET just presented their spring/summer 2013 collection as well. Though categorized as a more refined line that consist of the classic items, Hirofumi Kiyonaga gives some modern and colourful touch on every piece of the items that make them looks more lively and playful but still exclusive. The collection ranges from shits, blousons, shorts, coats, and shocks, and some amazing pair of shoes.. Continue reading

SOPHNET Spring / Summer 2013 Lookbook

Finally, the spring/summer 2013 collection of SOPHNET is ready to invade the store! After releasing the video for the collection awhile ago, now SOPHNET unveils the collection that range from shirts, pants, and shorts. Just like the previous collection, SOPHNET still present a great balance between the casual and sportswear. For the spring/summer 2013 collection, SOPHNET presents a lot variety of indigo and denim goods, from shirts, jackets, shorts, to pants, some camouflage items, and also featuring some collaborations with Tricker’s and Barbour. Just take a look at the lookbook.. Continue reading

Why is Japan Famous?

|This post is written by Saladine|


Have you ever wondered why Japanese cartoon, comics, fashion, food and culture are very well known in this world? Is it coincidence? Or are there some scholars who studied in Japan and spread their unique ways?  That’s one of the possibilities, but it’s not enough to make the whole world grows their attention to this country. This spurt begins around 2002, where a certain man wrote an article regarding Japan capability in promoting their “uniqueness” and producing a good result while at it. The article encircled around the government policy in tackling the economic problem through cultural means, where the phrase of “Cool Japan” was introduced. But then again, the kick start was long before that time, where a certain game was firstly arising to the world attentions that influence many youths. Why Japan, as one of the world leading economic superpower, feel the need to boost their economic capability through cultural aspects in 2002? Let’s take a look in a chronological manner.

Continue reading

Top 7 Most Favourite Spots for the Couples in Tokyo!!! part 2

Hello guys! Today, I’m going to continue my previous post about the top destination spots for the couples in Tokyo! In the last post, I’ve covered 3 of the top destination spot and this time I’m going to finish it off to the number 7. For those who are curious about what kind of spots that usually be filled with couples in Tokyo, I hope that you can get the picture by reading this post! Don’t forget that I also add the example of the best place for each category just like in the last article (like Ueno Zoo, Disney Sea, and Shinjuku Picadilly). Moreover, I hope for the Japanese lovers, maybe this article could inspire you about the Tokyo romantic style that you often see in dorama, manga, or anime. So, off we go! Continue reading