Winter Wonderland – the Enchanting Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo!



Hello everyone! How’s your Christmas day? I hope it was great since today, still in the mood for Christmas, I’m going to present you some pictures of the Christmas Illuminations that we can find in Tokyo!  Just as what I said in some previous posts, that the Christmas and year-end time is the best time to go travel around Tokyo! The reason is because there are so many glittering and enchanting Christmas Illuminations in every famous areas in Tokyo, such as Roppongi, Shiodome, Omotesando, etc that are going to transform the bustling, crowded metropolitan Tokyo into an amazing “Winter Wonderland”. So, get ready to see the magical romantic year-end that you can have in Tokyo!

1. Tokyo Midtown

First, let’s start from Tokyo Midtown, which is one of the cities within a city that Tokyo has. Tokyo Midtown located in Roppongi, so it makes Tokyo Midtown is near with Roppongi Hills, which is another city within a city in Tokyo. The show itself is titled as “Starlight Garden Illumination”, featuring 280.000 multi-coloured of LED placed on the garden making it like a magical forest that you often find in films. The show starts with blue light, turning the Midtown garden into a kind of whirpool, changes to white light making it into one of a silent night, and ended with red lights, as a sign that Santa is coming to town!

Photo credit: Itsuo Inouye / AP

The show itself featuring “Motion Illuminations” that make it possible for the light to move swiftly just like the waves of water. Feel free to be amazed by the show through the video below..

2. Caretta Shiodome


Here are the Christmas Illuminations in Shiodome in front of Caretta Shiodome which is a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex. The Christmas Illuminations in here is very special since it’s not just the decorations which are going to entertain your eyes, but is more like a show! Yes, a show, there is an 3D animation, that uses the front building of the mall and a gigantic screen, and the illuminations on the tree and garden changes their lights as the video is played.


See? How the front body of the mall turned into a pile of cookies and candies, making it into a gingerbread house. Not to forget there’s also the ginger men there! After the gingerbread house, the screen shows a tower with many clocks on it and after a while it turned into a castle where there were lots of couples dancing inside the castle. Then, the scene continues to a cliff where there were some waterfalls flow through it, and it make tons of colourful Christmas tree decorations bloom on the rock body of the cliff, as the Christmas Illuminations trees around the mall changes their light to green. In the end, the show is closed with hundreds of bubbles fly from the bottom to the sky, as the Christmas trees changes to white colour.  I guess, it’s better for you guys to watch the magnificent show by yourself, here is the video..

3. Roppongi Hills

As another city within a city, Roppongi Hills, of course they don’t wanna lose with their neighbour, Tokyo Midtown, in terms of Christmas Illuminations. Roppingi Hills that serves as a shopping, dining, entertainment, and business complex in Roppongi, again, presents their own Christmas Illuminations titled “Artelligent Christmas 2012”, sounds intelligent! In Roppongi Hills, the Christmas Illumination are not only located in one place, but those are placed in all over the Roppongi Hills, even in the streets around it. So, let’s check how Roppongi describe the Christmas with their Artelligent Christmas..



Here is a cocoon like Illumination, located at Plaza 66 Roppongi Hills. This illumination is sponsored by Suntory Whiskey and you can also try some sample of the whiskey right next to the illumination. I guess not only for relaxing time, but even for Christmas time, make it “Suntory time”.

4. Omotesando

Omotesando Hills

Another cool area with great Christmas Illuminations is located in the “Tokyo’s Champs-Élysées” which is no other than Omotesando! In the Christmas time, you won’t only find the decorations on the street, but the pack of stores that line throughout Omotesando also take part in making the Christmas in Omotesando become merrier. Therefore, I guess in we can consider the Christmas-designed stores in here as the part of the Omotesando Christmas Illuminations. So, let’s take a look at some of the shots of Omotesando..

The Christmas in Tokyo is kind of different from the Christmas in European cities, it’s like Tokyo has their own way to describe the meaning of Christmas. However, Tokyo is still one of the best cities in the world to spend your Christmas and year-end moment.

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The Video used in this blog are uploaded by :burdock1129, fabricerequin, and MIRACLEPHOTOS.


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