Mastermind Japan 2012 Year End Collaborations


A luxury Japanese fashion label, Mastermind Japan has presented some of their new collaborations in the end of this year. In their last moment, since as of 2013 the designer Honma Masaaki is going to shut down the Mastermind Japan project, they are still presenting some of the cool collaborations with famous brands, such as Carhart, Nike, and ALPHA. So, before it’s too late, let’s take a peek on what are the last series of collaborations of Mastermind Japan in this year.

1. Mastermind Japan x Carhart WIP

The first collaboration is with Carhart WIP, producing the CAR-LUX Hooded Thermo Sweater and the Double Knee Pant. All of the collection are black and, of course, have their skull and cross bone logo.

2. Mastermind Japan x ALPHA

The second collaborations is with ALPHA. In this collaboration with ALPHA, the brand successfully producing two gorgeous jackets, M-51 and N-3B TIGHT. There are two available colours for each jackets, black or green for M-51 and black or sage green for N-3B jacket. The jackets are also featuring the skull and crossbones logo of Mastermind Japan on the hand of the jackets.

3. Mastermind Japan x Nike Dunk Hi Premium Pack

Beside the collaborations in making the jackets, Mastermind Japan also have a collaboration with Nike, creating a dashing Nike Dunk Hi sneakers with premium leathers and a bold mastermind Japan logo on it. Two colours are available for this item, which are black/black and black/grey.

The data and pictures used in this post are taken from Highsnobiety


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