The Blazing Hot and Sexy Shinjuku Robot Restaurant – When Ladies Meet the Robots

|This post is written by Randy|

Japanese who are living in Tokyo is really lucky in this freezing-winter since they have a rather new, unique, and “interesting” restaurant that can make them forget about the pile of snow outside. Moreover, for those who like watching anime or reading manga and ever dreamed about the sexy girls in the robotic anime and manga to be true, here’s your dream come true mate! Beware of the brand new restaurant in the land of 1.001 entertainments Shinjuku, the Robot Restaurant!!!

When I read a guide books or watch travel programmes of Japan I often find that there is no such entertainment that you can’t find in Shinjuku. Now, I couldn’t agree more with that since you can find every kind of entertainment in there, from the amusing ones to the weirdest ones. I just don’t have any idea to describe this restaurant in the first place, but here it is the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku.

the entrance of the restaurant

This Robot Restaurant that opened in Summer this year have been attracting lots of people, especially because of the genuine concept that they offer. With 4.000 yen you will be able to watch the spectacular show where there are robots ridden by lots of brave girls wearing sexy outfits. The entrance fee is including a box of bento and a bottle of drink that you could have while the performance is going on. Each show will last one hour, so make sure to keep your eyes open as wide as possible cause you don’t want to miss any scene of the show.


The show takes place in the middle of the room and the seats are located around the arena. Each show will be opened with a performance show by ladies hitting the drums, there’s also a lion dance performance by the girls. As the show begin, the music and the colourful lights inside the room will start to pump your tension up, not to mention the ladies that take a major part in that.


midnight exercise, one two one two..

After the opening performance ends, the main show will begin. The girls will start to get wild and come out riding girl-shaped robots  from the backstage and move around the arena. One of the amusing things is that the robots, they can blink their eyes..

As the show reaches the climax, the girls get even more crazier by taking out not just robots, but also a giant tank and plane..


Still not satisfied yet? There’s still another interesting thing, for those who are lucky, they will be chosen to ride the robots along with the girls. So make sure you’re lucky that day before you enter this place. By the way, for the lucky fellows who got chosen to ride along the girls should be careful not to crash the robots since each robot cost 10 billion yen. Better calm down and don’t get too crazy while riding the robot with the girls..

Actually, what this Robot Restaurant offer is similar with the cabaret clubs that are all over the Shinjuku. This restaurant, however, wrap the concept of cabaret club with a genuine, modern, and unique idea that make lots of people become curious about what is inside this robot restaurant.  Two thumbs up for the owner who are dare to spend billion yen in making the robots.

Address: 1-7-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku
*Reservations preferred

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