Our deepest apology for the past week + 3 days

|This post is written by Saladine|

Have you notice the lack of posting rate for the past week? I should explain. During that time, Albertus and I have a little curriculum called Diplomacy in Practice. Its sort of a UN simulation, a Model of United Nation (MUN), where we become a delegate to represent our countries interest with a designated topic. Since the preparation for the simulation needs a tad research and practicing our speaking English, we have not had the time to continue our blog, since the pressure is rather big with our grade at stake. With that, we hope our dear reader would forgive us for our lack of new threads. After this post, our posting rate would come back to normal, and at Friday my friend Albertus will have a smashing thread to be presented. Look forward to it!

Again, we are terribly sorry for this event to turn out such way. We will maintain our level of productivity after this post.


About Saladin

Another weird college kid in search for something not boring. Have a very high confidence in everything I do, and can debate to death to prove a point. Majoring in International Relation, studying diplomacy, but love martial arts. Never allow me to see your gesture, if you don't want to be judged. Oh, and god, I love sweet!

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