Yokohama Ramen – Don’t Judge the Book by It’s Cover –

|This post is written by Randy|

Having lots of great and tasty foods is one of the main attractions for lots of tourist to come visiting Tokyo. From the traditional dishes to the modern ones, you could find it all solely in Tokyo. From all of the foods in Tokyo, Ramen is one of the Japanese foods that you could find easily in here and there. Around the neighbourhood where I stayed when I was in Tokyo there is a ramen shop. Though the shop itself is old really small , on the contrary, the portion of ramen that’s served in this shop is a big one! The taste is also big as well!!! This time, I’m introducing Yokohama Ramen!!!

Yokohama Ramen is located in the Minowa, Taitoo, in Asakusa, not too far from the Minowa Subway Station. Since I was staying in Taitoo area, I always passed through this small ramen shop every night on the way back home from the Minowa Subway Station. Every time I was on the way back home, I always sniffed such heavenly smell coming from that ramen shop. Of course it made me curious enough to try to come inside and have a bowl of their always-smells-good ramen.

I’ll tell you guys that the place is really small. There are two wooden tables, each tables for 4 persons; tiny counter table for five persons. The toilet is not bigger than  1,5 x 1 metre. However, I feel that there is not a better place in this world to have a bowl of hot ramen than in a tiny ramen shop like this one, especially in the middle of a of cold night.

The kitchen is right beside the counter table

Another thing that also caught my attention was these old manga . While I was waiting for my ramen, I took one of the manga and took a slight look. The title of this series of manga is Golgo 13 and it is a 70’s manga, pretty classic isn’t it? I guess the owner put these manga on purpose, maybe to add more traditional sense in to this ramen shop.

How about the ramen you ask? I’d say the ramen is simply marvelous!!! Back then, I ordered a bowl of ramen with extra meats that is 800 en, not expensive I guess for a dinner. The soup of the ramen is really thick and the taste is just out of this world. The meats are really soft and abundant, about eight big slices of it, took long enough for me to finish off this bowl of ramen. One thing that make Yokohama ramen is distinct from other ramen is a pile of spinach that you could find on the top of your ramen instead of sesame.

Being able to find and have dinner in this Yokohama Ramen was such a fortune for me, since I guess this ramen shop is not really famous, except for the neighbours of course. If you are in Asakusa or going to stay in Asakusa, I suggest you should come over this Yokohama Ramen shop that’s located near the Minowa Subway Station. Even if you couldn’t speak Japanese well, I don’t think it would be a matter since there are the pictures of the ramen on the menu, you just have to point it out. Coming at night would be better, since the soup of the ramen would warm your body up. Don’t forget that you could also have some booze (Kirin Beer) inside this place.

Finally, I just wanna say it one more time, don’t judge the book by it’s cover..!

Just got the address ! (Thanks to Yuki ^^)

Address: Minowa 2-14-2, Taito-ku,Tokyo
open from 11:30 PM until 3:30 AM


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