The Japanese Way of Warning People

|This post is written by Randy|

When I was in Japan, one of thing that took my attention, and probably you guys would be the same, was the Japanese way of warning signs. Different from the other countries, on the Japanese warning signs you wouldn’t see how much you’d be charged if you broke the rules or those kind of pictures that make you confuse about the meaning sometimes. On the other hand, the Japanese who are well-known for their creativity, makes their warning signs with lots of funny pictures on it. The Japanese government really make a full use of the anime or cartoon characters that is one of the most attracting aspects of Japan to be put on the warning signs, so it’d look funny and attracting of course. Moreover, another thing that distinct the Japanese warning signs is the warnings that warn us even for the small, unnoticed things that maybe some of us consider it unimportant and make it looks like really care about us. Therefore, we are going to see now how creative the Japanese people are in making the warning signs..

In Japan, you could find the warning signs almost everywhere, such as on the street, on the train and subway, on the stairs, and many more. The type of the warning signs are also diverse, there are posters, stickers, or even a board beside the street.

The left sign tells you that it is forbidden to enter the place while the right one, of course you’d understand, that it is forbidden to do smoking
Those signs tell you to be careful of wild bears, scary..
Clearly it means you are forbidden to dive to the pool
Looks really hurt..
This sign tells you to be careful of the falling rocks
This sign tells you to be careful not to cross the safety line in the underground stations
Same with the upper picture
Be careful not to : slap your stupid boyfriend, bring a teddy bear that’s bigger than you, wearing a pair of too high heels, turn your head if you have a yakuza’s hairstyle; near the safety line
Please don’t step on us…!
You mustn’t enter the Bear cage…!!!
Be careful of the falling snows on your head or you”ll be crying like on the picture
Be careful not to rush on train!!!
Be careful not let your hand wedge in the doorway!!!
It would be hurt..
Same just like the above, this one tells you more that when your hand wedge in a doorway it hurts like wedge in a crab’s claw, so never try..
It’s hurt!!!
Better to follow Mr.Raccoon
Don’t be a jackass while riding the jet coaster!
You shouldn’t feed us..!
Don’t let the kids do surfing on the wild internet world alone…
Don’t swing your nintendo wii stick too hard or it’d hit the face of your friend
Don’t try this at school.. -_-
Do scream when there is a pervert!!!
Beware of their existence!!
This is what would happen if you don’t put your hand on the handle
Be careful of the car!!!

Apart from the hilarity, those signs are really easy to understand, don’t they? Though most of the warning signs that you could find in Japan would be written in Japanese, all of the message and the warning on the signs could be delivered through their own funny and creative pictures. Moreover, having this kind of pictures as the warning signs surely would steal your attention to read the signs. I guess the Japanese government really do a good job in transforming the usual boring warning signs to become one of the special things that you could only find in Japan. Saluuut for the Japanese government!!!


About Randy

My name is Albertus Randy, I'm 22 years old. I live in Bandung city, Indonesia. Now I'm still studying in Parahyangan University and my major is International Relation. I like almost everything about Japanese stuffs, like manga, anime, fashion, dorama, foods, etc. It is my biggest dream to be able to live in Japan and through this blog I would try to share my ever-lasting passion of Japan. よろしくおねがいします。。。

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