I Say, Simply Hilarious!

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Hello AniManga mania! Continuing where we left off about several delicious and simply disastrous concepts found in the line of Fall Anime 2012, now I just want to share some of the ‘simply hilarious’ moments in three fresh titles that may just taken your interest up a notch to watch the shows, if you haven’t, or to become a more faithful follower after initially forgetting about their first episodes. Now, first served to you out of three titles is an anime that endorses a couple of delusional minds as its main casts, “Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!” Let’s go!

“Mjor Korven!” The New Art of Self Bondage Couldn’t Be More Effective

(Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Review can be found here.)

Togashi Yuuta’s effort to steer clear of his former delusional, fantasy and heroic life seems to become harder as the days pass by. Why not? It turns out that the enemy of the past that keeps on haunting him is not limited to just one, but there are two of them! The other ‘celestial being’ from another world shows up in episode three. The girl claims to be Takanashi Rikka’s faithful servant and goes by the name of Dekomori Sanae.

I’ve got the expression that Sanae is more energetic, confident, and explosive in nature with the same level of imagination; she’s just boldly crazy. And her very presence adds a few more outburst of laugh to the already entertaining title. Take for example Sanae’s first few minutes in front of Yuuta, where she tries to purge Yuuta’s corrupted soul by performing her deadly technique: Mjor Korven. The result? I couldn’t help but burst out in laughter and then re-watched it for a couple more times. It is just simply that unforgettable.


¦Sanae starts spinning.¦

¦Her overly long twin tails are also spinning violently.¦

¦She got tangled up by her own twin tails.¦

¦And this is how the new bondage technique is invented.¦

Claiming Oneself as a Really Cute Girl After Throwing Up in Public Couldn’t Be Funnier

(Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Review can be found here.)

Sometimes you just have to wonder about Japan’s voice actors and actresses’ skills in bringing about the quality of the characters they’re acting out. Atsumi Tanezaki, seemingly newcomer in the voice-acting industry since I couldn’t find anything about her past seiyuu career, deserves hoots and cheers for being able to produce such irresistibly cute tone of voice with a tinge of air-headedness that is really appealing. We get the fact that she’s an idiot in studying comes across very clearly.

But what made the character that first appears in episode two earns the spotlight through the rest of the episode is the scene depicted below. This happens as Asako tries to ask Shizuku to teach hear study, but to no avail. She then wants to chase after her, only to be held back by her own stomach complaining from eating more than what she could handle. The result is, well, hardly clean, but it’s her reaction following the uncomfortable scene that’s the real winner of the day.

¦Begging for Shizuku to teach her study with a teary eyes and…¦


¦Hypnosis of the highest level is needed to make someone who watched the whole scene believes her one-line statement.¦

Losing Your Own ‘Balls’ in Painful Public Showdown Couldn’t Be Further Damaging to One’s Pride and… Balance

(Ixion Saga DT Review can be found here.)

Although the anime itself suddenly goes limp after two decent episodes, these two scenes are definitely memorable and crack you up to the point of feeling a little bit of pain and sympathy for the victim. Erecpile Dukakis, the man that stands in command of bishounen army commanders, have to accept the fact that he had to be humiliated, twice, by an amateur simply because of two ridiculous reasons. The first one is something that millions of avid manga readers out there must have also wondered from time to time: when your enemy is in the middle of charging his ultimate killing technique, usually accompanied by them uttering the long-ass name of the killer move, why bother waiting for them to finish? This is a battle, a war, not a sparring in some kind of happy-go-lucky club! And having had a hard lesson about this some time ago, our whiny protagonist Kon resolutely uses his ferocious shoes to good use. That is, to destroy a man’s pride and future. In the middle of charging his ultimate technique and pose, Erecpile surely didn’t expect a hard, accurate kick to his dear groin.

¦The shoes’ design alone is already ominous, and ticklish at the same time.¦

¦The face of the handsome man that’s a total stranger to the word ‘defeat’ and ‘humiliation’.¦

¦A kick to the crotch has never been this painful.¦

And lucky us, adding another good laugh to this series is the second happening of the same nature. Losing one of his balls not only makes Erecpile loses his pride and self-respect, it also affects his body balance. All of his attacks that are full of hatred miss Kon by inches, even when he’s inside a tank and shoots loads of canon at him. Thankfully Kon is such a good boy that he decides to return Erecpile’s balance, by smashing his remaining ball with a giant hammer. Our sympathy surely goes to you, Erecpile. Just ouch!

¦One more time, OUCH.¦

That’s about all I can share with you, so, starting next week my posts will be business as usual or in other words reviews, and more reviews to come. Just for a heads up, my next post will be about a manga called “Fujimura-kun Meitsu”. Look forward to it and see you next week! +_-


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