Spotting Delicious and Trashy Concepts in Fall Anime 2012

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

It’s been about a week since my last post, so it’s been a while AniManga mania! After the short fall anime 2012 reviews I’ve been thinking of a change of pace, of writing something other than just your usual reviews. I’d like for it to have something to do with anime or manga trivia… what, that doesn’t feel different at all? Well, unfortunately I haven’t got any better idea, so there you go. Now, I’ve whimsically decided to post about some of the most attention-grabbing scenes or concepts so far in the sea of 6 new fall anime 2012 titles, for better or for the worse. And since I don’t know what else to say in the introductory paragraph, let’s just get down to them!


The far future seems to be so neat and proceeds in an orderly fashion that it’s unsettling. In episode 2 of Psycho-pass we see a virtual jellyfish floating around to act as an alarm for the female protagonist, Akane Tsunemori. It then started to tell her today’s schedule and her psycho-pass hue (simply said her mental state). Changing the outlook of the room and her outfit to suit Akane’s preference are also child’s play for it and can be done in seconds, although it simply alters the visual aspect as in how the object is perceived in human eyes.

¦”what’s your room preference today?”, “Victor Horta’s Hotel Tassel.”¦

¦What you wear don’t matter, what matters is how it looks in front of others.¦

The very convenient high-end programs can go as far as telling Akane the appropriate kilocalories intake for breakfast (of course the food itself is instantly prepared by machine), and to take supplement in order to prevent mental contamination from getting caught with group-stress in her vicinity. But even such programs pale in comparison with “Sybil”, a super computer or perhaps an A.I. that’s smart enough to direct people’s lives i.e. telling its citizens what jobs suit them the most, and what way of living brings you most happiness etc.

¦All purpose microwave, now that’s what I call practical.¦

In the face of such an automated, instantiated, and guided life where even your psychological condition can be measured in details, one couldn’t help but feel that life is already fixed. Choices have mostly been made and dictated to you, and all you have to do is to follow the rail until the end. That’s not how life is supposed to be in my perspective, because life’s about making a choice on your own, not given to you unconditionally by others. Worse off this guidance might result in you having a crisis of identity. And that may be the reason why life in Psycho-pass is far from fulfilling, as Akane has mentioned herself when asked why she chose to work in the police forces instead of other comfortable jobs, “I thought I should be able to find out why I was born here and now!”

Well all and all, Psycho-pass gives us a realistic, slightly gloomy and negative peek of future life dominated by technologies, which judging by its very solid setting itself is already more than enough to keep us watching until the end. A concept worth contemplating for is a good Concept, nah, it’s great.


From a great concept we take a U-turn to the one of the most face palm concepts in this season. Some of our friends in Japan seem to think that high-school girls are compatible with a range of machinery, or perhaps this is the result of them being desperate to flesh out fresh ideas into the market, only God knows. After a disastrous anime called “Upotte”, where normal high-school girls attending school turn out to be modern firearms (no, I’m not kidding), we are served “Girls Und Panzer” where high-school girls riding tanks and panzer are the norm. They even go as far as saying that “If you learn to know the Panzer, you’ll be a good wife, a good mother, and successful in business.” Wtf? I’m amazed they’re able to pull such bullshit out of nowhere.

¦Dear God… what’s wrong with society nowadays?¦

So, as far as I remember, we have girls turn into modern firearms, girls turn into canned carbonated drinks (“Akikan” is the title if I’m not mistaken) and.. I don’t give a damn about the rest. Who knows, perhaps there will be girls turn into Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and satellites… no wait, there’s already a title that reveals the girls in it as satellites rotating the earth, but I forgot what the title is. Oh well, Japan just makes us sigh heavily sometimes.


Sakata Gintoki is one of my most favorite male characters all time besides “Eikichi Onizuka” and “Lelouch Lamperouge”, and this title never fails to crack me up even after 46 six volumes published and still running. And as Gintama kicks off with new season of its anime version, Gintoki found himself to have been replaced by an unknown guy called “Kintoki”.

¦Something seems to be terribly off in this picture.¦

The author, Sorachi Hideaki, even goes as far as replacing the anime title into “Kintoki”. In the manga, the chapter suddenly ‘reverts back’ to chapter one. What makes things complicated is that the current ‘him’ is far more perfect in both attitude and looks compared to the original Gintoki who seems to be lacking in many aspects. With his existence gone from everyone’s memories, what will Gintoki do? This doesn’t need long analysis to go with, the idea of a proud protagonist got usurped from his throne is simply hilarious.

¦Gintoki’s face says it all: WHAT HAPPENED TO MY EXISTENCE??!¦

I’d like to go further but it’ll be too long, and I happen to be a lazy person nowadays, so I’ll stop here and continue later on part 2, which will focus more on funny and powerful scenes rather than another talking about concept. See you on Tuesday folks!


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