“Btooom! Ep.1” Battle Royal Concept With Gory Detail

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Title: Btooom!

Type: TV Series

Genres: Action Drama Ecchi Mature Psychological Romance Sci-fi Seinen Tragedy

Running time: 25 minutes per episode

Current Episode: 2

Total Number of episodes: 12

Opening Theme: “No Pain, No Game” by Nano

Ending Theme: “Aozora (Blue Skies)” by May’n

Official website: Btooom! Official Website (Japanese)

Original CreatorJunya Inoue

Animation ProductionMadhouse Studio

Age Rating: 17+

Rating: 7,0 / 10

“He left me with no alternative…”

“It was either me or him.”

“It’s self-defense”

“I didn’t do anything wrong”

“It’s not my fault”

Ryota Sakamoto is a NEET that spent his last 2 years of life playing online games called “Btooom!”, where you killed people with bomb as the only weapon. As a top-notched fighter in Btooom!, he was ranked 10 of the entire world. One day, without realizing how it happened, he was stranded in the island armed with cube-box explosive. When he met other people, they start to throw bombs at him, making Ryota cower in fear. Little by little, he is forced to learn an inconvenient truth behind his abduction; a survival game is taking place where bombs are the main weapon.

Btooom! Taking place in the contemporary world setting, with idea in mind of the famous online game is being adopted into a survival game. Differ from the manga, based on the 2 episode, the story was explained in a pyramid structure; making the watcher easy to swallow the general idea and avoid getting confused on the pace of the story. Although, the Anime is lacking the sense of panic that the manga was able to convey. The Ryota in the Anime seems to have cool manner, and in the Manga he seems easily panicked.

“What destiny awaits this 2 main character?”

Ryota Sakamoto is an excellent display of your annoying NEET character. Leeching through his mother, he spent his days playing online games in his room. His mother who was worried of his future, sometimes ask Ryota to go find a job. She even asks her relative to provide a job for Ryota. But in defiance manner, Ryota shout and throw stuff at his mother. Consequently, Ryota become a troubled kid and his relationship with his mother is wavering. Upon regaining conscious stranded in the solitary island, he notices that some of his memories are gone. Amnesia, to be exact.

“Trying to remember his last memories”

“After given a little lecture, Ryota throw his controller to his mother”

The heroine, named Himiko, is a troubled young lady with trauma against a man. Somewhat fragile, she is easily scared upon encountering other male character. With beautiful body and pretty face, she is targeted by many violent men to be abused.

“Our protagonist 1st encounter”

“Unusual surprised reaction in seeing Ryota”

I loved the opening upbeat song. Although the lyrics tells how to move forward by sacrificing something, somehow when applied in Btooom! Anime it has a deeper meaning. Somehow, it conveys the cruelty of life, and sadist reaction of the characters. The ending song is not bad, telling the romance between a lover. Hearing this, I was assuming a romantic story between Ryota and Himiko. Though, I cant say the same with the BGM. It was very game-like BGM, sometimes retro, sometimes sorrow, other times peaceful.

Interesting is what I can say. With a steady pace, the story moves rather quickly than the Manga. Not to mention the character realizing his flaw is amusing to watch. Considering from the story, it has the potential to surpass the manga popularity. Although, a concept where you forcefully play an absurd game is like the other title called “Liar Game”. But if Liar Game is heartbreaking, Btooom! is cruel.

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