“Ixion Saga DT Ep.1” A Ridiculous, Chaotic Fun to Watch

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

Title: Ixion Saga DT

Alternative Title: Ixion Saga Dimension Transfer / イクシオン サーガ DT (Japanese)

Type: TV series

Genres: Comedy Action Fantasy Shounen

Running Time: 24 minutes per episode

Current Episode: 1

Total Number of Episodes: 12

Opening Theme: “DT-sha Tele (DT捨テル)” by Ixion Cast

Ending Theme: “Let’s Go ED (レッツゴーED)” by Ixion Cast

Official Website: IXION SAGA DT -イクシオン サーガ DT- (Japanese) / テレビ東京・あにてれ イクシオン サーガ DT (Japanese)

Original Creator: CAPCOM

Animation Production: Brains Base

Age Rating: 15+

Rating: 8.0 / 10

“This is the end! My ultimate technique: World End Ultimatum Spreading Three-bar Charge Attack!”

“Ixion Saga DT” begins with Hokaze Kon, a young boy who’s been frustrated by his inability to beat a sort of dragon creature from some random RPG game. Amidst his heaving a sigh of resignation, a busty blonde appears and chat him up, asking him to help her on a real world issue with ‘something very important to her’ as the reward. Being your typical horny game geek, Kon immediately agrees to the request and less than ten seconds later, found himself and his gaming chair falling from the sky and lands on top of a man.

¦The seductive look of Flora, the woman who’s asking for help in exchange with her ‘treasure’.¦

¦Kon, ‘Excited’ to rescue the damsel in distress.¦

It turns out that Kon has just accidentally saved a princess and her entourages from a bunch of hostiles, and he did that by came crashing on the enemy’s military commander named Variation, renders him unconscious.

He then learns that the princess, an-eight-year old girl named Princess Ecarlatte Juptris St. Piria, is on her way to be politically married to a lord in Jugglaburk so that the two kingdoms can be joined together. Having no purpose nor destination, Kon decides to tag along with the princess and while at it, demands they buy him shoes. And oh boy do the shoes look terribly ‘aggressive’.

The attack of the military faction, who’s opposed to the marriage, doesn’t end back there. The leader of the bishounen (pretty boys) military commanders, the also dashing man with the grey hair called Erecpyle Dukakis, comes personally to avenge his subordinate Variation. The duel comes down to Kon and Erec since all the princess’s aides have been laid to waste by the enemy leader. It’s at this moment, when Erec is charging up his finishing move with all his might, Kon, being the game geek he is, knows perfectly well what to do. In the end, his deadly shoes are proven to be truly deadly.

¦The bishounen army commanders ready to roll.¦

¦The face of someone whose confidence won’t allow him to suffer a humiliating defeat.¦

First of all, getting spirited away into a fantasy world is the idea that has been living throughout the years and many anime titles. Thus, this particular subgenre is susceptible to many absurdist parody, and “Ixion Saga DT” (DT stands for Dimensional Transfer) is definitely one of such title. Everything in the series, from the happy-go-lucky original soundtrack that seems like a cheap rip-off of old RPG games in the ’90, the all pretty-boy enemy commanders, the raising eyebrow long-ass names of the characters, the awkward yet amusing game-like battle scenes down to the fair animation quality all successfully contribute to “Ixion Saga DT” being labeled as a ridiculous, chaotic fun to watch with a burst of good laugh now and then (the way Kon deals with Erec is priceless).

The sharply contrasting members of the group adds to the sense of a light-fun journey ahead: The muscleman Steel Sanglain, Princess Escarlatte that’s a bratty little twerp with nasty tongue, Kon as an idiot who speaks his mind but rather sharp at times, and Mariandel, the princess’s maid that also happens to be a transvestite all have fun personalities.

¦From left to right: Steel Sanglain, Princes Escarlatte, Mariandel, and Kon.¦

Mariandel specifically is the living proof of the voice actor’s, Jun Fukuyama’s mastery of varying characters with strong and distinct qualities. He comes strong and ambitious as Lelouch in Codes Geass series, becomes a hot-headed Yatagarasu in “K”, immerses himself in the delusional mind of Togashi Yuuta from “Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!”, and lastly as a mild-tempered, sometimes explosive and rather cute tranny Mariandel. A standing ovation for him!

Being less-than serious of a show, with entertaining ridiculousness radiates strongly all over the place, Ixion Saga DT may serve as an intermission, or a good break, for those of you whose spirits have been overheating after watching several serious anime like “Jormungand: Perfect Order” or “BTOOOM!!!”, or for those who simply want to watch a light and fun anime to kill some time.


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