A Little Grumbling About the Less-Than-Pleasant OST of ‘K’ Ep.2

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

‘K’ episode 2, that’s it, the hip-hop, urban-like soundtrack element, among many other shortcomings, really does a great job in killing the tension of the show, completely, a total slaughter. Why on earth does the same track keep being played over and over again, as if they don’t have enough musical score numbers to fill the series? Why are the majority of the soundtrack mismatched or misplaced, and doesn’t really help the scene at all? And why do they play a cut-out version of the already horrible opening by Angela IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT between Yatagarasu and Kuroh?

Not to mention the not-cute-at-all Neko and the very mediocre plot development so far. Geez, this show has really started to get on my nerve. If you still haven’t watched ‘K’, I already made the review a while ago. You can find it here. Now, I need my dose of “Ixion Saga DT”, “Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!” and “Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun” to wash away my frustration.

Please for the love of God, GoHands, do something about it!


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The self-claimed irresistible, energetic life form has been enchanted by the wonder of Japanese culture (read: anime & manga) since he was able to stand on his own feet. Now he is looking forward to infect you with his love for Japan. Resistance is futile!

2 thoughts on “A Little Grumbling About the Less-Than-Pleasant OST of ‘K’ Ep.2

  1. Haha, i totally understand that! Despite the advertisement on AFAID 2012, its kind of a letdown. Does GoHands do not have enough tension experience? Or are there some sort of reason as to why the show have terrible pace? I don’t know, what do you think?

    • In my opinion, it may be because GoHands (the studio) and GoRA (the authors = 7 of them) don’t have enough experiences or perhaps, they simply just don’t have what it takes to produce good anime.

      And now the cost of the fantastic animation quality shown in the first episode has shown itself; it takes so much time to make one set piece of detailed scene that they seemed to have run out of time to make enough for the whole show. To make episode two, GoHands already re-uses the same set pieces used in Ep.1 for Ep.2!! Take the shibuya crossing taken from high perspective angle, the train that goes to the school, the school’s shot from high angle and perhaps more that I just didn’t realize.

      If you re-use the set piece AFTER several episodes, it might still be forgiven. But, to re-use the same set piece after only ONE EPISODE? God I wanna punch someone. Honestly after this damned episode 2 comes out, 6.5 is the best score I can give to “K”.

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