“Busou Shinki Ep.1” Automated Mini Robot Ready to Serve!

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Title: Busou Shinki

Alternative title: Busou Shinki /武装神姫 (Japanese)

Type: TV Series

Genres: Action Science Fiction Slice of Life

Running time: 25 minutes per episode

Current Episode: 1

Total Number of episodes: 13

Opening Theme: “Install x Dream” by Kana Asumi, Chihara Minori, Kaori Mizuhashi and Megumi Nakajima

Ending Theme: “Taiyō no Sign” (太陽のサイン) by Azusa

Official website: TBS – Busou Shinki Website (Japanese)

Original CreatorKonami Digital Entertainment

Animation Production8-Bit

Age Rating: 15+

Rating: 6,6 / 10

“These armed girls who fight for their sworn Masters”

“Are what we called Busou Shinki”

The story began with the protagonist, Rihito, just finish transferring his belonging into japan and ready to enroll his first day at school. With the help of 3 cute, 15cm automated robots, Rihito went to school and the robots start unpacking and tidy up the room. The tragedies occur as one of Rihito belonging, a letter, went fly toward the window because of the wind. As the 3 robots tried to get the letter, they stumble upon another robot that seemingly pissed off with them. What would happen to the 3 robots, and the wellbeing of the letter?

Cute and moe, Busou Shinki is taking place in a world where you can have a 15cm-tall robot girl partner called “Shinki” to do as you please. They can do chores, go shopping, or even battle to protect their Masters honor. These robots have emotion, the will of their own, and even a personality, by the help of a concept called Artificial Intelligence.

“The device to create an environment for Shinki, a Visualizer”

The protagonist, Rihito, seems to be a genius science geek that can make almost anything related to Shinki. He has the calm and kind aura radiate from his every behavior. But unfortunately, in my opinion, the protagonist is rather dull. It’s not strong, tough, or charismatic. If any, he seems weak and low willpower. The only good thing is probably his supreme intelligence in science.

“Waking up after his Shinki forcibly remove his blanket”

“When Rihito make Shinki House for the first time, as a kid!”

Rihito Shinki, the 3 mains robots, has a unique personality for each one of them. There are the naïve yet hard worker, the klutz yet mature, and the defiant child. Together, they accomplish cleaning the room and taking back the blow-by-the-wind letter, and still get in time to greet his master coming home. My first impression of them would be cute and Moe character, if not trying to look cute.

“3 robots greeting his Master as he come home”

“Such devotion!”

“Sudden anger burst! Armor Change!!”

Overall, the Anime have a rather slow-pace story progress. Not only that, the animation pace are also slow, excluding the battle scene. Not only that, they also applied a cute, hardworking BGM in most part. Also, the tempo of the Opening and Ending song are rather slow. What I understand, 8-Bit and Konami tried to intensifies the Moe and cute feeling to the watcher. Despite that, the battle scene was rather awesome. A Bishou changing armor is truly a refreshing concept of AI robots. This Anime is rather similar with the CLAMP “Angelic Layer”, but Bishou Shinki is fully automatic and does not need control from the Masters. If you interested in seeing a hardworking female robot serving his master with a drop of Moe, I recommend you to watch this.


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