“Zetsuen No Tempest Ep.1” Another Concept of The Logic of Magic

[This post is written by Saladine]

Title: Zetsuen No Tempest

Alternative title: Blast of Tempest: The Civilization Blaster

Type: TV Series

Genres: Fantasy Mystery

Running time: 25 minutes per episode

Current Episode: 1

Total Number of episodes: 12

Opening Theme: “Spirit Inspiration” by Nothing’s Carved in Stone

Ending Theme: “Happy Endings” by Kana Hanazawa

Official website: Zetsuen Website (Japanese)

Original CreatorKyo Shirodaira

Animation ProductionBONES

Age Rating: 17+

Rating: 7,2 / 10


“The time is out of joint”

“O, cursed spite”

“That ever i was born to set it right”

Yoshino Takigawa, a normal high school boy, stuck between the realm of imagination and reality as he met his gone-in-a-month childhood friend named Mahiro Fuwa. Seeing the sudden transformation, curiosity makes him question his friend behavior. Now with the help of the strongest mage named Hakaze Kusaribe, they must prevent the Kusaribe Clan to awaken the “Tree of Zetsuen” whose power can bring chaos upon the entire world.

Zetsuen No Tempest is taking places in contemporary world; where magic exist in a cost of offering. But unlike the Manga, the Anime is far more interesting in terms of character and story pace. If you read the manga, you will notice the Anime is superior in terms of conveying the story. If the Manga seems flat and boring, the Anime seems mysterious and compelling.

“Two different persona, one motive”

Yoshino, the protagonist, have the mysterious detachment personality that somewhat feels like a con artist. Calm and quiet, subtle and elegant, is the very nature of this boy. But he was very concern with his best friend, as they met each other in the cemetery. He was the type to give rational comment to other, but also notify their friend if the conversation is astray. He also seems to fond quoting Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

“Can you explain what do you want to do now?”


“A smirk of defeat or a face of content?”

Mahiro, the protagonist best friend, has the rowdy act-before-you-think persona with a strong sense of pride. His little sister, Aika, is murdered by an unknown killer 1 year ago. In order to find the killer of his little sister, he borrowed the power of the confine witch, Hakaze, in exchange helping her save the world.

“Elegance can stayed even after death, it seems”

“I shall make the one who kill my sister pay!”

If I can wrap this Anime in one word, it would be “Mysterious”. Even the BGM only have the sound of sinister aura. There are not many upbeat music in the story, the music pace seems flat and hardly noticeable. Though there isn’t any opening song, the ending was very upbeat music with English lyrics. Considering the music pace, I was hoping the ending would be mysterious that critic everyday life. In my opinion, you should put an upbeat song in the opening.


“Shot by a shotgun? Auto magic guard!”

I cannot guarantee your satisfaction in watching this anime, but I can say this: watching this will pique your interest. This is possible because the Anime are able to convey the mysterious essence, and not many Anime can successfully do that. In my opinion, this essence is very influential with the concept called “Timing”. BONES successfully present each image in the right manner, making the watcher intrigue in each minute. I hope the Anime can stay with the same good traits in the near future.


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