Sky Town Solamachi – Stairway to the Towering Tokyo Sky Tree – Part 1

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Just as I wrote on the last post, the Tokyo Sky Tree is the most visited tourist destination in Tokyo, even in Japan. This amazing tower ,that become the tallest tower in the world, offer you not only the spectacular view of Metropolitan Tokyo, but there are still lots of things that Tokyo Sky Tree Town has to offer. One of the things that Tokyo Sky Tree Town complex offers is a giant department store, acts as a “gate” to the Sky Tree named Solamachi. Solamachi, however, has its own appeal that attract people not only to come to the Tokyo Sky Tree, since  you could  spend your leisure while waiting to go up to the Sky Tree or just buying all your needs in this place. So now, let’s see what are the things that this foundation of Tokyo Sky Tree has to offer..

Tokyo Solamachi ( or Soramachi in Japanese) literally means Sky Town is the base of Tokyo Sky Tree. In this department store, you could find lots of restaurants, cafes, food court, food market, and lots of stores selling various stuffs that distinct it from the other department stores. Therefore, though it is famous as a part of Tokyo Sky Tree, Solamachi could still stand on its own since it has its own appeal. Tokyo people, nowadays, not only come to the Solamachi just for waiting to go up to the Sky Tree but it has become one the places for the Tokyo people to spend their time in or to buy their daily needs.

Same with Tokyo Sky Tree, Solamachi is always packed with people, mostly in the weekend.

For you the travelers from abroad, this Sky Town is the right place to get some souvenirs. Solamachi houses lots of souvenirs stores, from the souvenirs of Tokyo Sky Tree to the Japanese traditional souvenir goods. In here, you could find plenty of souvenirs from the unique-shaped cookies to the cutest cookies you’ve ever seen. By the way, I bought a box of Tokyo Sky Tree colorful candies in one of the stores, it’s worth 500 yen, not really expensive for a souvenir.

Colorful cakes from Le Patissier T.IImura
(ル パティシエ ティ.イイムラ)

Small Balm Tree (ちいさなバームツリー)

Cakes from Mameya Kanazawa Bankyu
(マメヤ カナザワ バンキュウ)

Aside from souvenir stores, Solamachi also houses lots of merchandise stores. I found a store selling lots of models of lego. On the middle of the store, other than Tokyo Sky Tree lego, there are also lego of the famous structures on earth, such as Tokyo Tower, Torre di Pisa, La Sagrada Familia, Eiffel Tower, and many more. Let us see what are the merchandise stores that we could find inside Solamachi.

For manga lovers, there is a JUMP Shop where you could satisfy yourself with abundant stuffs from your favorite JUMP comics, such as One Piece, Naruto, Gintama, Hitman Reborn, and many more..

This is the Hello Kitty merchandise shop, selling lots of kawaii Hello Kitty stuffs from toys to dried fish (eh?)

This one is the Medicom Toys shop. Lot of kind of brick bears are available here. From the daruma faced, Union Jack, Sex Pistols, Micky Mouse, to the scary types of brick bear.

Our old-time hero merchandise shop

Disney merchandise shop. Wanna have a toy of Micky holding the Tokyo Sky Tree? you could get one inside this store

For the baseball lover, there is a Giants merchandise shop

And Finally, you could have the merchandise of the most kawaii creature I found in Japan, which is Rilakkuma, here in Rilakkuma shop

Feeling hungry when you’re shopping? Worry not, since in this Solamachi there are lots of restaurant ready to serve you with all they got. Find it out on the next post…
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5 thoughts on “Sky Town Solamachi – Stairway to the Towering Tokyo Sky Tree – Part 1

    • Yes, certainly those things are not cheap, in rupiah maybe it could easily reach a million.hahaha

      Anyway, I don’t think this place has appeared in kamen rider movie, since Solamachi was just opened in this year.hahaha
      I guess the place that you refer could be Roppongi Hill, there’s an Asahi TV studio inside there and of course it will be covered later.. :D

    • Sadly, I don’t think you could find one in here, though It’s still possible for a similar one, but not the exact one :(
      By the way, since one of the author here, who’s also your friend, are going to Japan soon, you could ask him to send you some. How’s that sound? :D

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