Shibuya “The Core of Youth and Trend in Tokyo” – Final Part-

|This post is written by Randy|

How do you do mate? Welcome back to the fourth part of Shibuya “The Core of Youth and Trend in Tokyo”. This post will be the last part of this serial post about Shibuya, one of the most popular area in Tokyo, where you can find plenty of excitement, hilarity, and boisterousness among the dashing and trendy youngsters hanging around this area all year along.  However, you should worry not, since after this post, there are still lots of upcoming posts about another banging areas or places in Japan that are still waiting to be put into your Japan’s top destination list.

Maybe some of you are wondering why I went to all the trouble of making the posts about Shibuya separated in 4 different posts. Well, the answer is pretty simple, I just love this place! I love this place that much since when I was there, I really felt comfortable just by walking around in this trendy shopping district of the great metropolitan of Tokyo. Particularly, I was really chuffed to bits when I was taking a stroll through the narrow cat streets of Shibuya, which always filled by lots of stores and you wouldn’t have any idea about what would you find in the end of the road. Anyway, let’s go to explore this ever evolving area more to find out the never-ending youth spirits. Let’s roll…

On last part of the last post, we have covered some of the part of Shibuya, such as the Shibuya crossing, Shibuya 109, the area around PARCO, and many more. Now, let’s leave the area around PARCO department stores and go to the next area. If you choose to walk to the west side from the front side of PARCO 1, you would be ended up in a bigger street where there is a giant building named BEAM building. At the time I was there, there was nothing inside the main door of this BEAM building and it is closed. However, there is somewhere that you should check it out inside the small door, located on the left side of the front side of BEAM building, if you happen to be a fan of Japanese anime or manga. It is your haven folks! It is Mandarake!

Mandarake is located inside that small door

The name of this place is Mandarake and it is the haven for you guys who love the Japanese anime and manga! This place boasts monstrous number of manga, anime, soundtrack CDs, DVDs, game CDs, action figures, posters, and all of the other stuffs for the anime and manga lover would ever want. The design of the building itself is pretty unique, from the door just like on the picture above, you would enter a small and dim lighted room where there are about 3 stories long stairs down. On the your way down, maybe you would also find some of the newest gatcha machines that offer you some small version toys of your favorite anime or manga characters. After you walked down those stairs, you would arrive in a wide room where you wouldn’t see anything else beside lots of giant size bookshelves filled with thousand, or even million, of mangas. Prepare yourself to enter the anime and manga world!

This is where you would have to go down before you arrive in your manga and anime treasure room

Those bookshelves are filled with mangas

Well, just don’t get too excited yet, since after you go through this corridor of bookshelves, you would also find lots of  glass display filled, of course, with hundreds of action figures, ranging from the old animes to the newest ones. Oh yeah, don’t forget that there are also lots of posters, games (from the old consoles game to the newest ones), illustration books, CD goodies, idol goodies, blue ray anime DVDs, and many more. For you guys who are the Japanese anime and manga lover, you have to watch your wallet since there are too many things to buy in here…

Blimey! That’s a Gundam’s Char Aznable figure inside that display!!!

Ok then, I guess it is enough for Mandarake and let’s get going to the next place. Not far from Mandarake, if you walk to the north you would find there is a big store on the right side of yours which have green hands logo. The name of the store is Tokyu Hands.

Tokyu Hands Ceative Life Store- is one of the most popular department store in Japan. They are now operating 20 department stores and 10 specialty stores in lots of branches in Japan’s large urban areas and major cities. Inside this Shibuya brach, you can find anything you ever need for your life in this 7 stories department store. Therefore, because they sells really lots of items, Tokyu Hands become one of the department store in Shibuya that always crowded, especially in the weekend, and has a reputation as a place when ” you visit, you find what you want”. In this store the items are raging from hobby & maintenance goods, home decoration goods, sports goods, house ware goods, health & beauty goods, stationery, outdoor bags & travel, and many more. Since this Shibuya Tokyu Hands is located at a slope, the design of this store that really follow the texture of the slope make this store have a unique and distinct design compared to the other stores around the neighbourhood. Just take a look at the floor guide of the store…

One stories are separated into 3 parts, for example like 1A floor, 1B floor, and 1C floor. Furthermore, it make this Shibuya Tokyu Hands become really big and really interesting to be explored, you can waste lots of hours just by looking around in this unique store. There is also another funny thing that we can find on the stairs inside this store…

Most of the time you are going to walk the stair, you would find that there is number on every steps just like on the picture. Those numbers are to tell you about how many kcal that you have spent to walk those stairs. This is just a healthy way to do shopping, brilliant! Below here, these are some other pictures of Tokyu Hands…

Here is the picture of Tokyu Hands cafe, located on the top floor of Tokyu Hands

That’s all for Tokyu Hands and now we’re going to the last place that would be covered in this post. The last place that we’re going to go is Ragtag! For those who are fashionista, Ragtag should be put on the top of your destination list in Shibuya as this place sells the second-hand fashion goods, means that those clothes that are sold in this store have far cheaper price from the original price!

The brands that are available in here ranging from the street brands, such as Supreme and Bathing Ape, casual Japanese brands, such as Beauty and Youth and BEAMS, even the top-rated high-end brands, like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Shopping in this store, you don’t have to worry about the condition of the goods even though they are second-hand items since this store only sell the goods that are still in a good condition. They will let us know if they are any damaged spot, even to the smallest detail.

Finally, this is end of the Shibuya posts series. Too bad since, unfortunately,there are still lots of place that haven’t been covered in just 4 long posts. I hope this 4 long posts about Shibuya could help you later when you are going to Shibuya for holiday or make you want to go to explore this place. Shibuya is a really nice place to go hang out alone, with your partner, or even with your friends, in the day time or even in the night-time. Just want you guys to know that I’m already missing to be in this area again when I was making this post, yet, I really enjoyed it. I guess once you have been in this area you will understand about the reason behind why you just couldn’t get enough of this place. Well, I guess it’s time to end these posts. See you later on the next post!


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