D-Frag!: A New Sensation of Random High School Manga

 |This post is written by Saladine|

Title: D-Frag!

Author: Haruno Tomoya

Artist: Haruno Tomoya

Category: Manga

Year Published: 2008.

Serialized in: Comic Alive

Licensed in English: No

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Slice Of Life

Scanlation Latest Release: Chapter 41

Status in Country of Origin: 4 volumes (on-going).

Age Rating: 17+

Rating: 6.3 / 10.

“There are two ways this can go down. The first, you be nice and join the club. Or else.”

“I’ll join!! Please let me join the club!”


D-Frag is a story circulated arround a high school boy named Kazama Kenji as he tried to gain power. He believed he was somewhat a delinquent boy, with his spiky hair, scary eyes, and all other bad boys trait. He also got 2 underlings to accompany him, the round fat guy called Yokoshima and the tall guy called Nakayama, at the beginning of the story.

In quest to gain supremacy in the school, Kazama, with his gang, tried to intimidate his surrounding with his action. As he tried to strike fear to the student, he planned to attack the game production department and take their belongings. As it turned out, inside the room was in the middle of a crisis! There was a fire burning with 3 girls watching. Seeing this, the protagonist jumped out and tried to extinguish the fire. Although it was successful and he somehow felt content, the real crisis had just begun.

Surprisingly, the 3 girls tried to erase Kazama Gang memories by the use of means called “elements”. Intentionally, his friends had been electrocuted and drowned at the same time. As Kazama was confused by the girls’ reaction, he tried to run towards the door. Unexpectedly, the fourth girl appeared while opening the door and punched his face, using an earth-element attack with his hand that had been used to play in the sand. Knocked down, he tried to run again towards the door. Unfortunately, a girl called Shibasaki Roka caught him as he used her dark element: by covering his head with plastic bag.


“Found fire instead of games”

“Running away for the second time”

Captured and captivated, our protagonist unwillingly filled the club form while the girls tried to introduce themselves. He did plan to take the submission form before it reached the teacher, but surprisingly one of the supposedly young members herself was actually the club’s supervisor. Desperate, he tried to grab the form from the teacher’s hand and run to the door (again). All the club members tried to capture him, but to no avail. As he tried to escape by accidently jumping from the window, Roka held his leg and tried to pull him with the help of two other members. Feeling indebted and guilty toward the girl, Kazama Kenji entered the club faithfully.

“A moment of dilemma”

D-Frag tells a story in your high school everyday life. But rather uses the simplest plot of everyday stereotype, they bring out an unexpected, completely unique story of life that happens with the protagonist. But of course, the high school story factor such as love, festival, clubs, gangs and rivals is not being left out. The name itself can be interpreted in 2 ways. The shorter word of Fragment, or in German language which means question. I interpret it with a fragment of questionable concept. Or, a fragment of randomness.

Clearly, Haruno Tomoya tries to add a sense of comedy in the everyday boring school life by creating a character concept that’s completely unusual. The story development itself does not come from the general concept, but rather from the character’s action and reaction. It would seem that Haruno tries to bring out what the most unusual thing that happens in high school is.

Kazama is your commentator character type. Seeing many faults in his surrounding, he tries to “normalize” them by giving proper punch lines. Noting that he is a delinquent to the boot, it was found he has a good heart too. He is stubborn, strong willed and air headed, but he also has a strong sense of responsibility and does not abandon a friend. Later is known that those traits run in the Kazama family.

“A new confusion in the story”

“how weird is the guy?”

Surprisingly, it’s not hard for him to detect an oddity in every chapters. As he meets the girls in the game club, his life changes completely. Being dragged into many things by the girls, he stumbles upon many events that he himself finds them troublesome. This can be done because the entire girl has a coerce attitude. Finally, he came in conclusion that all student in his school are a bunch of weirdoes and all women are super strong.

The heroine in this story is Shibasaki Roka, a girl with mysterious personality but somehow very strong. His attitude is hard to tell, sometimes cute, flirty and sometimes cheery. As the girl with the element of darkness, she tried to cover all of her foes heads with a plastic bag.

 By creating the game (temporary) club, the place has become nest of great person. The presidents of student council even join the club because of Roka. Not to mention there are teacher as a member.

Overall, it was very unique kind of manga. Unexpected and random is the main theme circulating the story. If you are looking for an abrupt sense of humor, i suggest you read this. As unique as it seems, i find it hard to like it. First is the pen work. As you read, you will notice the face of the character have a sharp stroke. It was more dominant in the eye rather than in anywhere else body part.

“Punchline being used”

Not to mention the stereotype character. It seems every boy in the school is pathetic and every girl in the school is strong. This makes me, the reader, feel want to puke and curse the story ever made. Illogical, as it were. Although every character has its specialty, it’s too random for my taste. It feels the comedies are being forced to be known by forcing some unknown concept. I also can’t tell as to where the story will move on. It is not clear enough to guide the reader toward the ending.


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