Shibuya “The Core of Youth and Trend in Tokyo” -Part 3-

|This post is written by Randy|

Welcome back to Shibuya guys! A place where there are lots of the black suited salary men rushing by in the morning, lots of fresh high schoolers in the noon, and plenty of sound youngsters in the night. Surely, Shibuya won’t ever be a boring place for you since there are always lots of things to do, to find, and to make you always hanging around in this area, of course. Anyway, this post is the third post of Shibuya and this time I’m going to add more trendy things that we could find in Shibuya “The Core of Youth and Trend in Tokyo”. Okay then, off we go guys!

On the last post of Shibuya ( part 2), the last place that I covered was the giant department stores of PARCO. So now, before we leave that area, let us check that place one more time since there are some things I want you guys to know. First, if you are a serious shopping-fanatic then, you should pay a visit to this little store that looks from out of the world in the inside. This A Bathing Ape Store!

Bathing Ape, also known as Bape, is one of the most famous street fashion brand in Japan and in the whole world. The one who design the Bape is Nigo, who also known as one of the member of a Japanese R&B band, Teriyaki Boys, that became popular because of their Fast and Furious song in the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift movie. Though the designs of the clothes look kind of simple, the youngsters in Japan are always as enthusiast as ever to grab the every new seasons of Bathing Ape. Now, we’re in the Shibuya branch of the Bathing Ape store and the store is really jump off the page compared to the designs of the neighbour stores around it. At the moment you step one of your foot inside, you will realize that there is a moving escalator inside the ground on where you are standing carrying lots of colorful sneakers on the top of it. Amazing isn’t it? Just take a look at the pictures…

The escalator inside the ground carrying lots of Bape sneakers

Since I was prohibited by the employee to take pictures inside the store, then the pictures below were taken from the other site.
You can also take a look at this video of the shoes escalator from Youtube below…

The design of the Bathing Ape stores are always as unique as this Shibuya store, thus, it will give you some out of this earth shopping experience where you couldn’t have in the other stores. By the way, the Bathing Ape goods are considered as high-class items, so don’t be surprised when you find out that most of the goods sold here are more than US$100.

Next, if we take a look at the building beside the Bathing Ape store, we will find there’s a small cinema named Cinema Rise.

Cinema Rise is one a the cinemas that we can find in the heart of Shibuya. At this Cinema Rise we can find lots of good quality of independent films. If you have some spare time when you’re around this neighborhood it’s worth to try to watch in this cinema. Around this Cinema Rise, I also found another unique and colorful design building selling and promoting a vitamin water. Looks like the vitamin water is one of the sponsors of this year Olympic in London. The building looks really refreshing eh?

At the time when I was pottering around this neighbourhood of Shibuya, I also found a crowd of people in the end of Spain Zaka watching something in front of the PARCO 1 department store. I instantly became curious as well and wanted to know what were thees guys watching in the middle of a hot summer day and, well, let’s see what I found…

It turns out that there were a large number of people, more than 20, were dancing around in front of the PARCO 1. Led by a man who was wearing a white shirt standing in the front of the other dancers, they were doing the Indian dancing just like what you see in the Slumdog Millionaire or the other Bollywood Movies. They were dancing around while accompanied by the Indian song music too and some of the women even wearing the Indian traditional clothes. It was unexpected, yet, really funny to find lots of people dancing around in the middle of a hot summer day. Because of the attractive dancing that they did, there were even some of the people who just couldn’t bear only to watch those guys and decided to join them to do some Indian dancing. Take a look at the other pictures…

Shake it shake it!

Some pedestrian who came to dance along


It was really funny to watch that gentleman-looking guy dancing in the front, led the dancers while shaking his big body left and right. When the dance was over, all of the crowds who watched them, including me, gave lots of ovations for the dancers. It was really entertaining guys! Anyway, if you guys are still wondering why they made a kind of dance performance in the middle of the busy Shibuya like they were running out-of-place to do their dance hobby, I guess this picture below would answer it..

Looks like at that time, there was an Indian movie in the cinema inside PARCO 1, titled Ra.One. Therefore, I think maybe that dance performance was to popularise and promote the Indian things, especially that Ra.One movie that is starred by the famous Shahrukh Khan, to the Shibuya folks. Well, it’s such a unique and creative way to promote something, isn’t it?

These kind of experiences which you can find everywhere in Shibuya are what make Shibuya become one of the top destination places to hang around for the Tokyo people. With lots of different things that you can find every time you are in Shibuya, it is obviously won’t make you ever say that you’re bored to go to this place again and again.

To be continued to the next post…

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Bathing Ape :

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The video used on this blog is taken from vacations99 video on Youtube


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