Shibuya “The Core of Youth and Trend in Tokyo” -Part 2-

Hello there! Back with me again on the post about Shibuya “The Core of Youth and Trend in Tokyo”! Just want you to know that this post is the continuation from the Shibuya part1. As you know, that Shibuya is one of the area in the big city of Tokyo where you can find lots of cool youngsters hanging around there, especially in the week-end, and lots of other cool stuffs make can’t say you had enough of that! Therefore, because of those things I mentioned before, Shibuya become one of the well-known place in Japan and even in world-wide. Now, enough of the prologue, let’s continue to explore the place where there’s never-ending trends that will never stop to astonish you, it is Shibuya!

On end of the last post, I have covered about the renown Shibuya 109 where it has become one of the number top destination for all the girls living in Tokyo. Now, let’s move on to the other part of Shibuya. Near the Shibuya 109, you can find lots of alleys, especially on the north side of Shibuya 109, where the alleys are connected to the Center Gai, that I also covered on the last post. If you take a stroll on those alleys, you might ended up looking to one of the big stores there, where there are always lots of  terrible and colorful sneakers on display. If you’re the shoes-lover, then you might consider yourself lucky since you just found the biggest shoes and apparel chain stores in Japan, it is ABC Mart.

ABC Mart Shibuya

Lots of kick-ass sneakers on display

Inside this store, you can find lots of shoes, from the colorful and unique shape sneakers, deck shoes, boots, hiking shoes, smart shoes, until sport shoes like running shoes and football shoes. Moreover, you can find that there are abundant world-famous shoes brands in this store, such as Nike, Adidas, Vans, Converse, New Balance, Redwing, Timberland, Sperry, Dr.Martens, and many more. Just don’t be surprised when you find lots rainbow color Vans or leopard pattern Converse sneakers that you wouldn’t find in everywhere else! However, if you’re kinda out of time so you can’t explore this Shibuya ABC Mart then you shouldn’t worry about that since you can find ABC Mart easily in everywhere, I mean in Japan of course. Though you already couldn’t bear yourself to spend lots of your cash for some brightest shoes that you can find in ABC Mart, I’d recommend you to bear it! Yeah, you should bear yourself since there are still lots hype stores that we need to go to.

Before steps our foot to another fashion stores in Shibuya, let’s check what is located in front of that ABC Mart out first. When I was there, since it’s already in the middle of the day, I took some search around that ABC Mart to find any restaurant nearby. Fortunately, I found one, and it turned out to be one of the most delicious foods that I had back then in Japan. So, what was the restaurant that I found in front of ABC Mart? Name is Hinoya!

Hinoya in Shibuya

Hinoya is one of the many gyudon (beef bowl) chain restaurants in Japan. Maybe you haven’t heard or known about the name, but so did I at that time. Before I only knew Yoshinoya which is the largest gyudon chain restaurants in Japan and I found lots of Yoshinoya’s restaurants back then. Yet, my fate was to have lunch in this small Hinoya and it turned out to be the most delicious gyudon that I had in Japan, beat the Yoshinoya gyudon. Here are the other pictures of it…

You have to buy the coupon on the machine first

The menu :o

Gyudon set with miso soup and egg, only cost about 500 yen

Inside the restaurant

When you’re going to eat it Hinoya, you have to buy the coupon for your meals first on the machine located in front of the restaurant. Just choose what kind of gyudon or other foods you want, you can choose it from the menu beside the machine. It should be easy even though you don’t understand Japanese since there are lots of pictures of it. Back then, I chose gyudon set just exactly what you can see on one of the pictures above, with miso soup and egg. Inside, the place is not so big, but the layout is very efficient, typical of Japanese restaurants. All I could say to you guys is the gyudon in Hinoya is realllyy tasty, beat that famous Yoshinoya. More about Hinoya will be covered on a separated post.

After I filled my stomach with the delicious gyudon of Hinoya, I started to pottering around the Shibuya again. Not far from Hinoya you would find an uphill alley way where there are lots of clothing stores located on the both side of the alley. This uphill alley is one of the most interesting things that you can find in Shibuya, it is Spain Zaka.

Spain Zaka

Spain Zaka (Spanish Hill) is a short slope that connects the Inokashira street with big department stores named PARCO. The slope is well-known in Shibuya because of its uphill way which is unique. You wouldn’t often find a shopping street that’s located on an uphill slope. In this Spain Zaka you could find lots of stores cater for youngsters selling lots of stuffs from clothes, jackets, sandals, boots, and many more. Moreover, most of the stores that you can find in this Spain Zaka really offer reasonable prices, so off you go! You can also find some cafes to relax for a bit after go shopping all around Shibuya in this Spain Zaka.

On the top of Spain Zaka you would find department stores in front of you. The name of the department stores are PARCO. So why did I type it as department stores? It’s because there are three PARCO in that area, PARCO 1, PARCO 2, and of course PARCO 3. There are lots of clothing stores, furniture stores, cafes, restaurants, and even a theater and a cinema inside those PARCO and every PARCO department stores is connected to the others PARCO, make them really big eh? So, if you go to Japan later and you’re planing to hang out in Shibuya, then PARCO department stores are one of the most places that will match your plan!

PARCO 1 & 2


To be continued in the next post…

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