Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012 Special Report: “Maid Cafe Moe Moe Kyun!” -Part 7/10-

Okaerinasaimase Goshujin-samaaaaa… :D

On the second day of Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFA ID), the first and the biggest anime and manga festival in Indonesia, we had a chance to take a look at the Maid Cafe named Moe Moe Kyun. The Maid Cafe was located in the Exhibition area and was side by side with the Butler Cafe named Atelier Royale. The AFA ID was opened for visitors at 9am and it was also from that time that lots of people had queued for the Maid Cafe. From the long queue that had been made by the visitors since it was opened, we could see the enthusiasm of those people who wanted to get inside and feel how was it like to be treated as a “Goshujin-sama” which literally means master just like in the manga and anime. Moreover, those maids whose goings to serve you with their heart’s content were not only from Indonesia, some of them were from Singapore, Malaysia, and even Taiwan. So, than reading my writings babbling about that Maid Cafe, it’s better to just go straight to that maid cafe and see how magnificent Moe Moe Kyun is.

AFA ID Moe Moe Kyun full team

Mio from Taiwan

Momo from Indonesia

Ringgo from Malaysia

Kiyo from Singapore

Yuna from Singapore

Tora from Singapore

The atmosphere inside the Moe Moe Kyun

You can see there were not only boys in the queue

Goshujinsama having their genki power up-ed meal

Tora and Ringgo

Simple but funny decoration inside the cafe

This is one thing that you can only get in the Maid cafe

Ringgo and her red glasses, kinda remind me of Ringgo in Airgear

Those people had been impatient to be served in Moe Moe Kyun

Omurice with Moe Moe drawing

Moe Moe Moeeee…!

Power up-ed strawberry cake

You can have a conversation with those maids

Are, dare deshou??? :D

You can also play games with the maids

When I came back to the Maid Cafe at 5pm, I found out that all of the dishes had been sold out! It means that this Maid Cafe really found their glory in the AFA ID. Actually, the foods that were available in the Maid Cafe somehow are really expensive, but still it didn’t reduce the enthusiasm of the visitors who’re wanting to be goshujinsama. For those who didn’t have a chance to go to the AFA ID, especially Maid Cafe, probably, there will be a chance for you guys to redeem your regret in next year. Since this year’s AFA ID was a great success, there is a big chance for another AFA to be held in Indonesia next year. So, for those who still want to be power up-ed and want to be called goshujinsama by those cute maids, there’s still a big chance for you in the next year!


About Randy

My name is Albertus Randy, I'm 22 years old. I live in Bandung city, Indonesia. Now I'm still studying in Parahyangan University and my major is International Relation. I like almost everything about Japanese stuffs, like manga, anime, fashion, dorama, foods, etc. It is my biggest dream to be able to live in Japan and through this blog I would try to share my ever-lasting passion of Japan. よろしくおねがいします。。。

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