Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012 Special Report: “Kicks Off Absolutely High and Stunning, Here Comes ‘K’!” -Part 9/10-

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

Dear AniManga Mania, here we are at the penultimate post before the last and the most bombastic segment of that day, the Anisong Concert. After “Eureka Seven AO” wowed the audiences with its cutting edge animation technology and state-of-the-art original soundtrack, brand new anime “K”, which will air on the 5th of October 2012 simultaneously in Japanese local television and Animax, had successfully blown the hell out of our mind. The moment the screening ts first episode (to be precise, three-fourths of the supposed first episode) ended, all the audiences gave thunderous applause, some even bothered to stand up. They shouted excitedly, hysterically for several minutes. What an amazing enthusiasm! Everyone absolutely couldn’t wait for the first episode to come out already.

From the creators of “Toradora!”, “Papa no Koto Iu wo Kikinasai!”, “Moretsu Pirates”, and “Mawaru Penguindrum”, Starchild label brings you “K”!

The scene opens with a group of youngsters barges in what seemed to be a building owned by a rather well-known gang. A deal of some sort that is taking place is forced to be held off, as the boys ignorant of manners roughly beat almost all the ‘hostiles’ nearby. Then one of the youngsters, a bespectacled blonde-haired guy called Kusanagi Izumo, tries to ask the trembling leftover of the gang about a person they’ve been looking for. “Relax, and take your time to remember.”, he whispers.

¦Kusanagi Izumo asking the chickened gangster to ‘relax’.¦

Before he has the chance to say anything, the door is blown to pieces by a wave of scorching red flames. Coming from the inside of the smoke is a tall guy with spiky red-hair, his looks are anything but kind. Wild and vicious, the guy named Suoh Mikoto is accompanied by a little girl in a gothic lolita outfit called Kushina Anna. The girl comes from behind Mikoto’s back and makes small steps to get closer to the still frightened mob. She brings up a small glass sphere to her eyes and peeks at him through it. After a couple of second, Anna says to her comrades, “He says he doesn’t know.”

¦Kushina Anna, always looking at things through her sphere.¦

Disappointed, all of the group, including Mikoto and Anna make their way out. Then, they realized that the building has been surrounded by dozens of men and women in blue uniform.

¦Suoh Mikoto, a wild beast.¦

¦Awashima Seri, a flower blooming in the battlefield.¦

By the looks of it, they’re anything but friendly. Judging that the uniformed people may be a pain in the ass in the future, the youngsters decide to fight them now. As Mikoto jumps down from the second floor, his teammates cry out “No Blood! No Bone! No ash!”

Perhaps trying to crush his opponent’s spirits, Mikoto immediately becomes hostile and lets out his red pinkish flame bursting out to almost every direction, engulfing everything in its path. Feeling they’re in danger, looks to be the second in command, the woman with an up-do hair named Awashima Seri tries to take action by ordering her subordinates something. However, the ever calm and composed commander, a bespectacled man named Munakata Reisi, coolly says that the only thing they need to do is to simply draw their swords.

¦Elegantly drawing his sword, the ever cool-headed Munakata Reisi.¦

Right after all the swords have been unsheathed from their scabbards, Mikoto’s fire mercilessly hits them. But a split second before the fire actually hits, Reisi releases a strong blue energy that directly clashes with his counterpart’s fire. As soon as two conflicting powers collide, two giant swords appear high in the sky, floating eerily above the two super humans.

The first flashy scene comes to a close, and followed by a fresh scene from an overly extravagant, classy high school. In the class, there’s a silver-haired person called Isana Yashiro, who’s famous for being the class’s clown. The scene displays his usual routine on lunch break, which is to ask his classmates to ‘donate’ a part of their own lunches to him. And everyone seems to be happy to share their meals with him.

¦Isana’s innocent and cute behavior make everyone unable to resist him.¦

After having enough offering, Isana, whose trademark’s likely to be the traditional umbrella that he brings almost all the time, heads to the rooftop to quietly enjoy his lunch with a cat that seems to have taken a liking to him.

¦The cute cat that’s attached to him will soon give Isana a big surprise.¦

Had a good meal, Isana then receives a task from the student council to run an errand for them. As he makes his way to buy some stuffs, the group of youngsters who appeared at the first scene suddenly attack him. There’s a short announcement through e-mails that Isana is ‘the target’, the person who they’ve been searching for a while now. Totally confused, Isana dashes for his life. He tries his very best to avoid the first attackers, but is hopeless in front of Kusanagi Izumo. The blond guy, who’s smoking before encountering Isana, calmly turns his cigarette’s ashes that’s falling to the ground into a barrage of fire arrows.

At that moment, coming to his rescue by deflecting all Izumo’s arrows using a katana is Yatogami Kuroh, a tall, slender guy with a black, pony-tailed hair. As Yatogami stands up fearlessly in front of bewildered Isana, the other seems to be dumbfounded.

¦The prince, Yatogami Kuroh, makes his entrance to save the… prince?¦

The screening ends right after that building tension. It’s only three-fourths to the first episode, however it’s clear that ‘K’ has fantastic animation quality, very visually attractive character designs, and all-star voice-actors and actresses, which all of the aforementioned elements combined could very well resulting in a highly engaging story. The most anticipated anime in this fall? But of course.

For more details and trailers, please visit ‘K’ official Website and Facebook Page.

UPDATE: I have written a separate post for ‘K’ Ep.1 review here, and a little grumbling about Ep.2 here.


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4 thoughts on “Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012 Special Report: “Kicks Off Absolutely High and Stunning, Here Comes ‘K’!” -Part 9/10-

    • Thank you! I also take strong interest in Awashima Seri, I do hope she will have significant screen time and proper love interest (seems to be Munakata? Although in one of the trailers there’s a subtle hint of a ‘complex relationship’ between Munakata and Yatogami Kuroh).

      From the advanced screening there’s an alarming hint of boys-love blooming everywhere… I might faint if that becomes reality LOL… let’s hope not!

      Blu-ray is nice… except that it’ll be out for sale later on 2013, ha4. thanks for the info though! +_-

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