Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012 Special Report: “Eureka Seven AO – The New Generation of Waves Riders” -Part 8/10-

Being able to come to the AFA ID 2012 was such a fortune for those who love the Japanese manga and anime and we are no exception. Being able to be in AFA ID 2012 means to be surrounded by everyone who dressed up in manga & games characters, plenty of fantastic and realistic action figures, a chance to meet with the fascinating cosplay heroes, a chance to delight our ears with the songs sang by the admirable J-pop musician, and the last but not least, a chance to watch the anime itself! Yeah, for those who came to the AFA ID 2012 would have a clue about what anime that I’m going to talk about in this post. Those anime are Eureka Seven AO and ‘K’. For this post, I will cover about the Eureka Seven AO that has been airing in Japan since 12th of April 2012. Now, prepare to grab your boards and let yourself fly away once again in the midst of the massive trapar waves!

On the second day of AFA ID 2012, all of the visitors who bought a ticket for the stage access was spoiled by the first episode of Eureka Seven AO (Astral Ocean). For Indonesian anime lover, including me, have known about Eureka Seven AO that has been aired in Japan from last April. However, most of us, probably haven’t watched this sequel of the wonderful Eureka Seven since it hasn’t been broadcasted on the local channel and neither Animax Asia. So, for the first time, me, and the others anime lovers who haven’t watched it yet, being able to taste the gorgeousness of this anime that was produced by the Studio Bones. Moreover, AFA ID was kind enough to play the Eureka Seven AO on big screens that were located on the left side and the right side of the main stage, with a good quality of sound system of course.

Ao Fukai as the main character of Eureka Seven AO

On the first episode, we meet with Ao Fukai, the 13 years old blue haired boy, with his friend, Naru Arata. Those guys lives in Okinawa on the island of Iwato Jima. The scene is opened with Ao, who is driving a machine looked like car, flying above the blue ocean of Iwato Jima along with the white birds. In that night, after Ao helped his friend Naru, he meet some mysterious guys who just got off from their planes doing something suspicious. Those guys are Gazelle, Pippo, and Han Juno and they brings a briefcase where there are some things that also mysterious inside it. After some conversations with those three suspicious guys, an accident takes place in that location. It is a big blast which turns into a giant Scub Coral and It’s caused by one of the things brought by those three guys, there was also a big black monster at the time of the blast. In the middle of the blast, Ao manages to get a bracelet from their briefcase into his hand. On the next day, it turns out that those three guys, Gazelle and his friends, were going to smuggle the items they have to the Japanese Armed Force, but unfortunately, the deal is off since they lost the item that supposed to be inside their briefcase, which is the bracelet that was taken by Ao. Because of that, those three guys, rush into Ao whom they met in the last night to take the bracelet back from him.

Ao and Naru

Not a long time after those three guys rushed into Ao, there is another blast on the island of Iwato Jima that also turned into another giant Scub Coral. From that blast, there come another big black monster as well and this time, that monster doesn’t only keep quiet, but he also makes a scene in the Iwato Jima by destroying the village. Seeing that monster is wracking his beloved home town, Ao realizes that the bracelet he took from Gazelle is the one worn by his mom back then when he was a kid and at that time the bracelet reacted to Ao’s presence with Ao’s name appeared on it . However, Gazelle and his gang find out Ao then force him to give back their stolen bracelet while the big bad monster keep on destroying the Iwato Jima Island. Next, too bad it’s to be continued…

That was  as far as the Eureka Seven AO was shown in the AFA ID 2012. Too bad for us since I’m really sure that most of the people who were watching it with us must wanted to watch it more. Anyway, in my opinion, this sequel of Eureka Seven that was broadcasted in 2005 until 2006 is really promising. The fantasy that I had when I was watching Eureka Seven before came back as I watched the first episode of Eureka Seven AO. The blue sky and ocean views along with the goosebumps-making sound tracks of it was really terrific! Moreover, don’t forget about the musicians whose song is used as the opening and ending song of Eureka Seven AO, such as “Escape” by Hemenway that is used as the first opening song and “stand by me” by Stereopony as the first ending song. I guess I will have those moments when I was watching Eureka Seven back when I watch this sequel of it. Just can’t wait!

Oh yeah, almost forgot, after we watched the first episode of Eureka Seven AO, we also had a chance to meet with Stereopony whose song is used as the first ending song for the anime. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but two of the Stereopony’s member, which are Aimi, the vocalist, with Shiho, the drummer, were also born in the Okinawa. It became one of the factors that inspired Stereopony when they were making “stand by me” that is used as the first ending song of Eureka Seven AO. As the MC, Danny Choo asked some question to the Stereopony members like their favorite food in Indonesia, about their opinion of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, and about their favorite manga and anime. For the first question, Stereopony members answered “nasi goreng” as their favorite food and it was welcomed by the loud voices from all of the audiences. About the second question, most of the Stereopony members said they like to be in Jakarta, “it’s so crowded”, said Shiho. For the third question, which is about their favorite anime or manga, every members answered differently. Aimi as the frontman said that she likes Eureka Seven, it’s normal, then Nohama who’s the guitarist said that she loved Pokemon (she also mimed the way pikachu says his name, Pikachuuuu!), it’s also normal, but how about Shiho? She gallantly said that her favorite anime is fighting anime like Dragon Ball…. I guess it’s described her character.

The cover for Stereopony “Stand By Me”

Finally, for those who are the anime lover, especially Eureka Seven fans, I don’t care on how you’re able get your hands of this anime, but you should watch this sequel of it! I’m also going to watch it for sure since I’m still wondering about how Eureka is after she went off with Renton… Anyway, Stereopony also was one of the musicians that performed on the second day of AFA ID 2012, and because of that we’re covering her with the others musician for sure on later post. So be sure to keep on following us!


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