Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012 Special Report: “The Fantastic Cosplayers” -Part 3/10-

Hello guys! Welcome back to the AFA ID Special Report. On this post I will cover about the cosplayers that we found in AFA ID 2012. One of the similar thing that you can find in every anime festival is, of course, cosplay. In the AFA ID 2012, we found lots of interesting, funny, amazing, and astonishing cosplayers and most of the cosplayers we found in the AFA ID are Indonesian. We found lots of cosplayers cosplaying from varies anime, such as One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, some of them were cosplaying the game characters, such as Sora from Kingdom Hearts and the Task Force 141 soldiers from Call of Duty : Modern Warfare . However, there were also some of the cosplayers who are from another country, so they only came to the AFA ID for doing cosplay, cool! Now let’s take a look at how the cosplayers did some actions in AFA ID 2012, let’s roll…!

Let’s begin from the entrance gate. Here we can see that all of the cosplayers were queuing with the other visitors to enter the AFA ID 2012. It’s funny to see the character from anime, game, or tokusatsu you’ve watched before was standing beside you waiting to enter the AFA ID. If you were lucky, you might find out that the one who’s standing beside you were a cute magician or a cool warrior who was bringing their big and long sword. Now, to make it more interesting, if you guys claim to be an avid and true otaku, let us test your skills by figuring out what characters they were cosplaying for! So, let’s get started guys!

Now, let’s go inside to the Exhibition area to find more cosplayers in action!

Hand over your money pal!!!

You look so pale dude..

That’s all of the cosplayers that we could find inside the exhibition area. Now, let’s go outside again to look for another unique cosplayers…

Actually, in the AFA ID 2012, there was also a cosplay competition for AFA ID Regional Cosplay Championship, the most prestigious cosplay championship in South East Asia, but, unfortunately, we couldn’t take any shot of the competition since the official forbade us to bring our camera inside. On Saturday, there were 6 teams competed for 2 places in the qualifying round. On the next day which was Sunday, those 2 teams who won in the qualifying round on Saturday went to contend each others in the clasH: x ARCC Cosplay Finals for the chance to represent Indonesia at the ARCC Finals in Singapore in November. On the second day, there were also the cosplay performances from famous foreign cosplayer guests, like Yuki God Bless and Jiaki Darkness from Thailand, Shikon from Japan, and Amaterase from South Korea.

In the final round, the champion was decided by the judges who are well-known cosplayers from around Asia, such as Orochi X and Pinky Lu Xun from Indonesia, Kaname who is an AFA Cosplay Ambassador from Japan, Akatsuki Tsukasa from Taiwan, and Yuki God Bless from Thailand. After some amazing performances from the two teams in the final round, in the end, the judges decided to give the winning trophy to Daikon Sky team. Daikon Sky team, which consisted of Echow and Sora, performed .hack//G.U. in the final. As the champion, Daikon Sky team is going to represent Indonesia in the ARCC Singapore in November and they also got tickets to go to Japan along with the bucket of 10 million rupiah money. Congratulation for Daikon Sky team!!!

For final words, I wanna say that the cosplayers in Indonesia are as good as the other countries cosplayers. We had a great time back then in the AFA ID being able to see lots of funny and cool cosplayers in action. I guess nowadays, cosplay has become one of the popular culture in this world. I hope there will be another and bigger AFA in Indonesia so we can find more people doing cosplay for their favorite character.

Japanesense crews with the Task Force 141 soldiers


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My name is Albertus Randy, I'm 22 years old. I live in Bandung city, Indonesia. Now I'm still studying in Parahyangan University and my major is International Relation. I like almost everything about Japanese stuffs, like manga, anime, fashion, dorama, foods, etc. It is my biggest dream to be able to live in Japan and through this blog I would try to share my ever-lasting passion of Japan. よろしくおねがいします。。。

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    • Hello soldier!
      We’re the one who should say thank you for the picture!
      You guys were really cool!
      Please send our regard to the other soldiers too, thanks! :)

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