Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012 Special Report: “Meet Yukitora Keiji, the Promising Cosplayer From Indonesia!” -Part 6/10-

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

The phrase of “early bird gets the worm” fits rather nice with me and Randy as Japanesense made its first round looking for good materials. Not so long after the AFAID 2012 kicked off at nine-thirty in the morning, cosplayers flocked in the building and hallway, inviting curious lenses to take a good shot on them. And among all of the talented cosplayers, a girl clad in what seemed to be a tribal outlook decorated with tiger stripes instantly stood out from the rest. Swinging her big sword, which had a lotus flower-like hand guard wrapped around the hilt as she posed for the visitors immediately caught our gaze. We thought to ourselves: This. Must. Get!

Lucky us, the young girl granted our requests for a short interview and started by telling us her name, it’s Yukitora Keiji. Asked what character she’s cosplaying for, Yukitora without delay told us “The woman-version of Maeda Keiji”. I paused for a bit, that “Maeda Keiji” from Sengoku Basara? I was really amazed, what a feat she managed to pull off there! The original Maeda Keiji from the action-packed Sengoku Basara is a seething mass of biceps, whose sharp glare’s enough to make a normal law-abiding citizen like myself faint on the spot. On the other hand, in front of me was a slender, cute young girl, or that was how I first thought.

Her presence was still overwhelming, her tone of voice was firm and sharp, and confident. That speaks a lot dear readers, as young as she is, she’s still as professional as any other stunning older cosplayers out there. Such attitude commanded our respect, yes. Now, moving on with the questions, she’s been around in the world of cosplaying for a bit (she started cosplaying since 4 October 2009), and her Maeda Keiji costum was created by none other than herself. It costed around three million rupiah to get the job done.

¦The real deal.¦

¦Her version of the character.¦

Just like other cosplayers, she also watches anime, dorama, tokusatsu, reading manga, and listening to Japanese music. Asking to name one of her favorite anime, her answer was “Togainu no Chi.” By now I’m quite certain that other fellow yaoi lovers out there might be able to become good friends with Yukitora Keiji. Well at least that’s how my hunch goes. Then, “Kuroko no Basket”, “Persona”, “Magi” (the manga) and of course, “Sengoku Basara”, also follow suit to extend her list of favorite titles.

It’s her first time in AFA chain of events, as she couldn’t attend AFAMay 2012 due to a relentless barrage of the notorious high-school’s daily tests, and won’t be able to go to AFA Singapore 2012 either because of the same reason. It sure is tough being a high-schooler.

Down to one final question, Yukitora’s answer to whether she has plan to go to Japan in the future was quite realistic, her feet firmly planted on the ground. To achieve a higher education or to be able to work in Japan is her intention. Amen to that, wouldn’t you say so?

Holding a huge potential to rise even further, Yukitora Keiji is worth your attention. If you’d like to jump in the wagon to support her, or simply want to take a look at her other works, just visit her Official Facebook page and her World Cosplay profile.


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