Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012 Special Report: “Meet Kaname, the Dashing Cosplayer From Japan!” -Part 5/10-

After some talk show and a chance to take some pictures of the dazzling Akatsuki Tsukasa, all of the visitors who filled the Stage area on the second day AFA also had another chance to meet Kaname, who was came on the first day as well. Kaname came out to the stage after those visitors eyes had been amazed by the preview of ‘K’ that will soon be aired on 5th October either in Japan and on Animax as well. Kaname who came all of a sudden, cosplaying as one of the cool character in ‘K’ named Fushimi Saruhiko, was welcomed by lots of hysteric screams from all of his fans that filled the room. During the show Kaname who was wearing glasses and a cool blue coat didn’t forget to bring his sword that was used by Fushimi Saruhiko just like in the preview that had just been shown. What makes him cool is not only his good-looking appearance ,which of course loved by all of the girls, but also his pose and movement that really described and similar with the original character itself, Fushimi Saruhiko. Now, let take a look at some of the Kaname’s photos that we got in the AFA ID 2012…

Kaname with Danny Choo as the MC

Kaname with his lady-killer smile.. :)

Maybe for those who are not into cosplay would not be so familiar with the Kaname’s name, because of that now we’re giving some information about him. Kaname is a Japanese born cosplayer who become famous in the global cosplay world because of his high level of realism and quality in every cosplay that he has ever done and that really made him looked exactly like those characters. Kaname has been cosplaying as Cloud of Final Fantasy VII, Kurosaki Ichigo and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez of Bleach, Portgas D. Ace and Sanji of One Piece, and many more. Since the AFA 2009, Kaname has been a cosplay guest consecutively in every event of AFA, the biggest anime event in South East Asia. Now, Kaname acts as a Cosplay Ambassador for the Anime Festival Asia and in last year he visited 8 countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, France, China, and more. In the AFA ID 2012, Kaname also acted as one of the judges in the AFA Regional Cosplay Championship finals that was held on the second day of AFA ID, which was on Sunday. Here are some pictures of the cosplay that he ever did before, just prepare to be wowed…

Since he’s the cosplay ambassador of AFA, then, most likely he’s going to come to the next AFA, which will be held in Singapore in the next November. So, for you girls or boys who are either fascinated with his groundbreaking cosplay or his charming looks should go to the next AFA in Singapore for a chance to meet this cosplay hero from Japan. Good luck!

Here are some of the links for you to know more about Kaname :

Official page :

Official Twitter :

Online Streaming Live Channel :

Here’s another cosplay of Kaname…
Ooops! Kaname Tousen from Bleach I mean.
Not that Kaname of course. My bad.. :D


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