Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012 Special Report: “Meet Akatsuki Tsukasa, the Absolutely Gorgeous Cosplayer From Taiwan!” -Part 4/10

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

Continuing all the exciting AFAID 2012 reports my colleagues have brought you so far, now here comes the fourth part! For a short opening paragraph, let’s wind the clock back for a bit. At nine thirty in the morning, Japanesense Crews and several of their friends had finally managed to squeezed themselves into the already too-packed Exhibition site. Looking at all the nearly possessed people going frenzy over all the stands on the ground, we immediately came to a realization: It’d be very hard to smoothly carry out our initial objective of slowly enjoying ourselves while neatly documenting everything to be brought as an offering for you dear readers.

And it was not an overstatement. It was really difficult to do both simultaneously, but somehow for the first couple of hours since the 2nd day was opened, we came up with decent documentaries. Exhausted, but still reminded of our obligation to you, the Japanesense Crews dragged their wobbling feet to the main stage to see one of the most famous cosplayers in the world, Akatsuki Tsukasa.

First impression was all you needed to be smitten by her charm. Dressed in soft white color, her appearance on the stage felt like an angel had descended upon us. Her cute smile and humble demeanor instantly soothed our tired souls that had struggled within the ever enthusiast crowd. Akatsuki Tsukasa was welcomed by the host of the first segment, and accompanied by an interpreter to kindly translate her native tongue of Mandarin into Indonesian. Right, let’s move on to the interview right away!

Of course, self-introduction came first. She’s Akatsuki Tsukasa, a cosplayer from Taiwan who’s been in the business for 9 years. Asked what she’s wearing on stage, she confidently said that she was posing as “Sheryl Nome” from Macross Frontier, and the outfit is one of Sheryl’s stage outfit. This clearly hints us that it’s her most favorite character. The woman clad in white then started to name her favorite anime one-by-one, among them are “One Piece”, “Hakuonki”, “Vocaloid” (well not really an anime but, oh well), “Kuroko no Basket” (The audiences went all kyaa~ when Tsukasa mentioned she likes “Aomine”), and of course, “Macross Frontier”.

Tsukasa was first introduced to the cosplay world by one of her classmates in school. Since then she’s been posing as many famous characters, and the admirable thing is, she makes most of her outfits by herself! Tsukasa also runs a studio making outfits. Usually after conducting a thorough research of the character in question, the average time needed to make one outfit would vary from 2-10 days, depending on the difficulty. Out of all materials exist, she pointed out velvet, flowery fabric and shiny materials as her favorites.

On a side note, if she’s not confident with the character she’s cosplaying for, or doesn’t feel right about them, she’ll still take a number of photos, but then will be put in as a part of her private collection and won’t spread them around to public.

The interview then focused on her favorite characters, or the characters that she feels most confident to cosplay for. And the answer’s obvious, Sheryl Nome. Tsukasa likes her strong and brave personalities when the usually pink-haired woman’s facing problems. On the other hand, Sheryl’s also outgoing, loving and absolutely attractive. Tsukasa also adds Sheryl’s list of pluses by saying that she does everything she could to calm and help others even when she’s in despair; even when knowing that she’ll be replaced, she’s still a responsible person and knew exactly what she wants the most in her life.

The next character in line, and also an opposite gender of Sheryl Nome is “Hijikata Toshizo” from Hakuonki. Tsukasa hopelessly fell in love with him after reading “Peace Maker”. She loves Hijikata’s life goal and spirit of self-sacrifice for the one he followed. If there’s a time-machine (Perhaps she should go consult Doraemon for that kind of thing), Tsukasa would like to go back in time and meet Hijikata Toshizo in person. Wow, her love’s the real deal!

Two last questions on the list, when asked who her favorite cosplayer is, Tsukasa mentioned two-names: First is the dashing “Kaname”, and the second is “Leika”, a famous cosplayer from Japan. To the last question of what dreams do you have, or, what do you want to do in the near future, her answer was to travel around the world and find good spots for photo shoot.

The interview session closed up and audiences were allowed to take pictures of Akatsuki Tsukasa who’s kindly posing up for around five minutes before the segment came to an end. Thank you very much dear goddess, we hope you’d kindly grace us with your presence some other time!

If you’d like to get a little closer to Akatsuki Tsukasa, these addresses below might be of help.





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