Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012 Special Report: “The Exhibition Site” -Part 2/10-

-This post is written by Sultan Saladine, edited by Gilimandra-

Takoyaki, action figure, manga, anime, and most definitely cosplayer, is what you can expect from AFAID 2012. Not to mention many enthusiasts come from all over the world, this place’s really crowded! Personally, I was very excited to find out that many people actually love Japanese Pop Culture. Regrettably to say, we could only caught up with the 2nd day of AFAID 2012, due to the limited budget we had. Well without further ado, today we’ll let you in about all sort of things happening in there as detailed as possible. Down we go!

¦People… people everywhere.¦

When we arrived at the exhibition site, the first thing we noticed was the massive burst of people and cosplayers of various character. Just like in festival. There were also many events taking places in each booth that I’d like to tell you now, but that would be getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the most crowded places in the exhibition area, shall we?

¦I’m gonna eat up the cute boys! Kyaa!!¦

If your guess is exactly as the above picture tells us, congratulations! The most crowded places in AFAID 2012 are Moe Moe Kyun Maid Café and the Atelier Royale Butler Café. You can see the long line of Goshujin- samas and Ojou-samas waiting to be treated with an outstanding services they presented. Not to mention all the cute girls and handsome boys, you’ll definitely get smitten after leaving the place. You can see lots of expressions that are full of enthusiasm, if not pure lust, to experience what is it like to have a maid or a butler in their everyday life. As the most crowded places in the AFAID, the writhing lines didn’t cease to exist until the very end when their cafés were closed, which was 8 PM.

¦Boys hungry for love.¦

¦This kind of long line from TAKING THE BOYS HOME!!¦

The shopping district, or more familiarly known as Little Akihabara, is the 2nd most crowded places in the Exhibition site. They sell many kinds of things here, such as Action Figure, Manga, and all the way to CD album. Not only that, they also have Dr Vee Mangaka Club, for those who have passion in drawing manga. There’s also VGI Arena where they exhibit playing games of Persona 4 Arena, and lastly The Social having a cosplay contest.


¦Dr. Vivian Wijaya kindly poses to the camera.¦

¦Looking to add some more to your collection? Look no further.¦

¦I’ll just spend some time reading manga then (After buying of course :D).¦

¦The cosplayers are busy trying to find the figure version of their own characters.¦

¦Laruku, Gazzete, Stereopony, Janne D Arc, All here folks!¦

¦Err… cool moms in action?¦

¦Even in such a festive atmosphere, the Ultraman family is as busy as ever.¦

¦Can I just bring the whole thing home?¦

¦Good quality lhaaa~¦

The 3rd most crowded places would be the food district. In here, they sell all kinds of Japanese foods and snack lining in one place like Takoyaki, Dorayaki, Shaved Ice, and Hot Dog stands. The waiting line itself is not that long, but many people gathered to rest themselves a bit after their journey around the site. There was a floor specifically to eat there, so many people gathered there. But it was so small, that people started to sit near the wall of the exhibition stage, or eating while standing. Of course, there was also a choice to take it outside while enjoying a fresh air. Luckily, they had a good air conditioner, so the place itself was not damp or stink of sweat.

Takoyaki! Always Delicious!

¦The blond haired: “Hey what are you doing?”, The green-haired: “Texting my friends to come and see my glorious form.”¦

¦At night, people tend to gather here.¦

Aside from the most crowded places, there were also a few interesting booth established there. For those who know Danny Choo, his booth was the most different kind of all the booths in AFAID 2012. Because (ehem) there was a FRICKIN’ CAR in the middle of the booth! they also presented a few original figures that you can see from his site. But because he was the host of the festival, he couldn’t come to the booth itself. I think highly of him, so it’s quite a disappointment that i could only see him from far away.

¦Moekana, as seen in Dany Choo website.¦

¦I had wished for Danny to become the host while wearing his usual stormtroopers suit… oh well¦

¦One of Japanesense’s dear authors, Gilimandra, striking a pose besides a car that gets a Mirai Suenaga itasha.¦

But that’s not all folks! Its not a festival if they didn’t have a contest, I say. Yes, many booths were presenting many different type of contests. But the most common contest is the cosplay contest. There was also a quiz contest, hold by the Animonstar, but it was not as crowded as the cosplay contest. This is actually a good thing they have, cosplay contest attracts people to take a picture together. In each of the contest, i could see many people taking a stance and having a “lock on” status at the cosplayer. And if you look closely you can see the giggling smile behind the camera. Well actually as the one who take pictures, I also have the tendency to (*cough) giggle when facing a cute cosplay and snatch away their moment for eternity. I wonder how people look at me when they see my face doing that.

¦The guy in blue: “I have no regrets now.”¦

¦Come… let us make a sashimi out of you.¦

But the most thrilling contest was the Card Fight Vanguard Contest. They have their own tournament and cosplay in their (around) 5x30m booth. Many kids were showing off their deck, trading cards with each other (although not many), and dueling inside the tournament. Although it’s a card fight, you can hear the laughter of people playing the card, and the unique surprise sound in the booth. Not to mention the hidden smile of the one who won, and the bitter smile of the one who lost.

¦Our mascot of today’s tournament.¦

¦Why u lose to a kid?¦

¦Thank you for the duel sir!¦

Now now, what about the people who wasn’t lucky enough to bring their costume here? Not to worry! There was a booth called Harajuku Playground that will fill every desire of your inner cosplay spirit by lending you their costumes, FOR FREE!! When people finished putting on their costumes, many enthusiasts were waiting outside to take a picture of all cool and cute characters. That included me, giggling all around the place going GaGa while snatching other people’s moment <3.


¦Here is the result of Harajuku Playground!¦

Stay tuned for more detailed information and places regarding AFAID 2012 by my colleagues. This is Sultan Saladine, signing off.


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