Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012: Spreading the Excitement and Anticipation

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

“Asia’s Biggest Anime and Japanese Pop Culture Event comes to Indonesia!”

Finished reading the one short line announcement, I found myself doing a hand stand, spun around for about three meters sideways drawing two perfect circles, and then got back on my feet after one final spin. It was a beautiful chain of movements overflowing with energy that rivaled an athlete competing in London 2012 Olympics. Right, that was how my surge of excitement materialized in my mind as I sat still in front of my computer during that one short minute. I was barely able to contain myself. Finally, for the first time in history, Indonesia will accept the honor of hosting the biggest Anime and Japanese Pop Culture Event in Asia. And as a proud and very lucky Indonesian I say I AM READY TO SAVOR ALL THE HYPE WOHOOO!! *Cough*

Indonesia has seen a rapid expansion of the Japanese Pop Culture in the past decade. Hundred thousands of people, especially youngsters, are helplessly, unconditionally smitten by the charm its anime, manga, music, food and life-style exude. The festival of this magnitude feels like an acknowledgment to the exploding and continuing passions the Indonesians have displayed for the last couple of years. So what does the AFA ID 2012 have in store for us? Let us check it out!

The two-days event has a range of entertainment package carefully handpicked to suit visitors’ preferences. The exhibition ground offers devoted shoppers one of the largest collection of original anime merchandise from Akiba Town by some of Japan’s top brands. The official site states that the brands available on the event will be announced later on.

On the other part of the ground lines up two special cafes ready to give you an indelible experience equals a modern young master or princess. For male visitors, Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe that is full of cute, lovable girls in sweet-colored maid uniforms is ready to pamper you to no end, or at least until your wallet runs dry. Delicious foods and scrumptious dessert aside, I am thrilled and tensed to experience two legendary services originated from the land of the rising sun: the maid ‘casting spells’ (usually is done in a very cute voice) for the food to become a hundred times much more delicious, called genki (meaning: to stay healthy) power-up, and the other one is a service where the maid draws or decorate your food with sauces or ketchup. If you have any idea what kind of drawing or text I should ask them when the time comes, please send me an e-mail or comment.


-Pick your poison, gentlemen.-

As for females, perhaps screaming and fainting on the spot would be proper reaction after taking a glance at Atelier Royale butler cafe. Excessively charming and dedicated to their ojou-samas, the glittering boys chosen by the gods are ready to send you sky-high to seventh heaven. However, why do they seem to weigh in more to the image of a Korean boyband rather than proper butler like those from Kuroshitsuji? Well, you dear visitors will have the final verdict on their performance later on. And if you care, please do share your experiences with me, as if I went to that cafe it would create an unnecessary misunderstanding. Readers, I do not swing that way.

-Performing somewhere fancy, boys?-

Naturally, no such event will be complete without cosplayers lurking around the ground ready to pose for curious camera lenses. From awesome, cool-looking costume to creatively complex, slinky, downright peculiar and perhaps scantily-clad one, the Regional Cosplay Championship Indonesia Preliminary 2012 will surely be full of colors; a perfect eye candy. To top it off, the popular Taiwanese cosplayer, Akatsuki Tsukasa, best known for cosplaying “Vocaloid”s Megurine Luka, Sheryl Nome of “Macross Frontier” and Boa Hancock from “One Piece”, will also grace us with her presence for the first time ever in Indonesia.

-Mommm, is my costume ready?-

-“Yes, operator in charge here, can I help you?”-

The word “Anime” in “Anime Festival Asia” of course stands for “Anime” as we know. AFA ID 2012 will be featuring two episodes of “Eureka Seven AO“, “K“, and more titles to come. The first is a sequel to the famous “Eureka Seven”, a fifty episode running anime that had garnered multiple awards, including ‘Best Female Character’ for Eureka. Its continuation, “Eureka Seven AO”, has been airing for a while and it is currently on its sixteenth episode. I like it so far, but the one I have been really anticipating is “K”. The character designs are quite appealing, and with a line-up of all-star voice actors and actresses breathing lives into the story, this anime might be worth watching.

-Eureka Seven AO-


Pumping up the enthusiasm of viewers in the very first minutes and at the end of an anime series is of course, quality songs. Super Anisong Stage will heat up and rise the tension on the main-stage to the max with successful artists such as “Stereopony” and “KOTOKO”. The first is an all-girl band of three who has performed numerous songs for hit anime series including “Hitohira no Hanabira” (Bleach), “Namida no Muko” (Mobile Suit Gundam 00), and “Tsukiakari no Michishirube” (Darker than Black). While the latter is very popular for singing in anime titles like “Shakugan no Shana”, “Shakugan no Shana II”, “Shakugan no Shana Final”, “Kamen no Maid Guy”, “Hayate no Gotoku!”, and “Kannazuki no Miko”. Other renown artists such as “7”, “Angela”, “Bless4”, “Ichiro Mizuki”, and newcomer “Sea A” will also liven up the stage for two days.



Special guests are also in order, and among them is one of the pioneering Indonesian mangakas in terms of debuting in Japan, Miss Vivian Wijaya. She is the very testament of manga becoming a global and shared culture. Readers, turn up on the stage when her turn comes because who knows, she might be kind enough to share a tips or two for you striving to become a mangaka like her.

-Can I draw your face? *grin*-

Last but not least is the man who will be orchestrating the whole event by becoming the host of the show, Danny Choo. Oh, nobody claims to be an avid fans of Japan without knowledge of this bespectacled, seemingly meek guy that always has a big smile floating on his face and is usually seen wearing Star Wars’ storm troopers battle suit. He is the most famous and respected blogger about Japanese Pop Culture, which website, Culture Japan, attracts more than one million readers worldwide. I personally hope the guy delivers the show satisfyingly as ever, and does it while wearing his trademark suit.

-Pepsodent smile, always priceless!-

As for the ticket, to avoid any sort of misunderstanding I will just quote directly from the information on the official website,

Several tiers of ticketing will be available to cater to each visitor’s interest. General exhibition tickets are priced at Rp 50,000 per day, customers who wish to additionally access exclusive stage contents from Anime celebrities will need to purchase the Exhibition + Stage ticket for Rp 125,000 per day. For access to the ‘I love anisong’ concerts, customers can get the Rp 350,000 / day (Free Standing) and Rp 600,000 / day (VIP Seating) tickets. To make it more accessible to fans, a 2-day Rp 1,000,000 VIP Package & Rp 600,000 2-day Standing Package will also be available. Each concert ticket is bundled with an exhibition and stage ticket.

While I am ready to immersed in my burning desire to selfishly enjoy the event to the fullest, my common-sense luckily still kicks in. We will not abandon you dear readers, how could we? As a part of Japanesense, naturally it is our duty to carry out special report about the event. Gilimandra and Randy will do our best to cover as much the show as possible and bring the excitement straight to your monitor! There is a catch however, as financial issues loom over us, we will only afford to attend the last day of the festival. Sad reality, seriously, money makes the world go round indeed.

Hopefully on that day there will be plenty of noise, everybody smiling, excited. Hopefully it will be a momentous event so spectacular everything else pales into insignificance. The best there have been, hopefully.

Looking forward to somehow bumping any of you good readers out there!

For more details please visit AFA ID official website:

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012


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    • It is held on the 1st and 2nd september which are saturday and sunday, perhaps you can still make it? but if you can’t, worry not for me and Randy will do our best to bring special report about AFA, so stay tuned! :D

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