Discover Yakuza in Japanese Pop Culture

I bet you guys all have already known about the yakuza. Yes, it is! Yakuza is the term to call the members of organized crime syndicates in Japan. Just like the other big crime syndicates in this world like Triad, Italian mafioso, and the Russian mafia, yakuza is one of the biggest and most popular crime syndicate in the world. Thanks to the anime, manga, and the Japanese video games that often insert yakuza in their stories, the yakuza name became well known in this world. Because of that, in this article we’re going to cover about the existance of yakuza in the Japanese Pop Culture. Let’s take a look…

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Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo: Switch, Swap, Shine!

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

¦Shiraishi Urara takes the front cover of the first volume.¦

Title: Yamada-kun to Shichi-nin no Majo

Author: Yoshikawa Miki

Category: Manga

Year Published: 2012.

Serialized in: Weekly Shounen Magazine (Kodansha).

Licensed in English: No.

Genre: Comedy Gender Bender Romance School Life Supernatural

Scanlation Latest Release: Chapter 27.

Status in Country of Origin: 2 volumes (on-going).

Demography: Male / Female.

Age Rating: 15+.

Rating: 8.5 / 10.

“Okay now you and Miyamura kiss again! And then with me again!”

“… Anyone remember who goes where…?”

“We better fucking get back to our right bodies!”

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Without a doubt, year 2012 become one of the most important time for Uniqlo. In this year, UNIQLO has made lot of big movements, such as the opening 12 floors flagship store in Ginza, celebrated the 10th years anniversary of the UT (Uniqlo T-shirt) collection, and, of course, the collaboration between Uniqlo and Jun Takahashi’s Undercover. With the autumn season draws near, UU has prepared some of the newest collection to spend our autumn and winter with. Just check this out…

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Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012: Spreading the Excitement and Anticipation

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

“Asia’s Biggest Anime and Japanese Pop Culture Event comes to Indonesia!”

Finished reading the one short line announcement, I found myself doing a hand stand, spun around for about three meters sideways drawing two perfect circles, and then got back on my feet after one final spin. It was a beautiful chain of movements overflowing with energy that rivaled an athlete competing in London 2012 Olympics. Right, that was how my surge of excitement materialized in my mind as I sat still in front of my computer during that one short minute. I was barely able to contain myself. Finally, for the first time in history, Indonesia will accept the honor of hosting the biggest Anime and Japanese Pop Culture Event in Asia. And as a proud and very lucky Indonesian I say I AM READY TO SAVOR ALL THE HYPE WOHOOO!! *Cough*

Indonesia has seen a rapid expansion of the Japanese Pop Culture in the past decade. Hundred thousands of people, especially youngsters, are helplessly, unconditionally smitten by the charm its anime, manga, music, food and life-style exude. The festival of this magnitude feels like an acknowledgment to the exploding and continuing passions the Indonesians have displayed for the last couple of years. So what does the AFA ID 2012 have in store for us? Let us check it out!

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Discover Indonesia in Japanese Pop Culture (Part 2: One Piece)

On this post, we’ll try to present some of the Indonesian related things in both of the One Piece manga and anime version.  Similar with the last post, which is the Indonesian related things in Dragon Ball anime, there are some of the Indonesian related things which maybe most of us didn’t realize about that when we were reading the manga or watching the anime. However, I guess it’s normal if we didn’t realize that when we read it or watched in the first time, since we can’t know what in Oda-sensei’s (the author of One Piece) mind when he was making, whether he really took the Indonesian things to put it in his manga and anime or simply just a coincidence. In spite of that, we are going to relate the things that are found in One Piece to the “Indonesian things” by providing proofs of it. Here we go..!

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Sword Art Online: A Sensational Full-course of Compelling Adventure, Solid Plot, and Heart-rending Drama

|This post is written by Gilimandra|

-Kirito and Asuna posing for the novel’s first cover-

Title: Sword Art Online.

Author: Kawahara Reki.

Category: Light Novel.

Year Published: 2009.

Serialized in: Dengeki Bunko Magazine.

Licensed in English: No.

Genre: Action  Adventure  Fantasy  Mature  Romance Sci-fi  Shounen.

Scanlation Latest Release: Volume 9.

Status in Country of Origin: 10 volumes (on-going).

Demography: Male / Female.

Age Rating: 17+.

Rating: 9.3 / 10.

“….The differences between the real world and the virtual world… what are


“Just the quantity of information.”

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Discover Indonesia in Japanese Pop Culture (part 1)

Hello there! This is my very first post in this Japanesense ​ blog and starting from this post I’m going to cover about the Indonesian related things that we can find in the Japanese Pop Culture. What I mean by Japanese Pop Culture are the things like manga, anime, game, etc. Maybe most of us don’t realize that there are a lot of things that related to Indonesia that are used in the Japanese Pop Culture. However, if we look more into it, we can find a lot of those Indonesian related things. In this post, we are covering the Indonesian related things in a japanese manga, Dragon Ball. We will also cover the Indonesian related things in One Piece, Harlem Beat, The Strongest Disciple Kenichi and some of the Japanese games in the later posts. So, let’s check it out!!!

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